Bird protection volunteers: demolition endless net   hit black chain – Shanghai channel — original title: continuous bird protection volunteers: the demolition of endless net hit continuously black chain birds flying south bird dealers Zhang Jinwan season in southern birds are rice cut stopped "eat, released, birds play" the industrial chain in the net removal of volunteers. Caught by the birds fly south. During the national day, a "too much, this holiday the most sad news" maxed circle of friends: Tianjin, Hebei at the junction of Tangshan Jingxian million meters clapnet, thousands of birds hanging dead, was arrested in the wild birds, and even lack of national key protected wild animal. Tianjin is an important transit point for migratory birds, every year from 9 to November, migratory birds will rest in the south. According to introduction of some migratory bird protection volunteers, the price of up to thousands of yuan, many Fowler rush into danger in the face of interest. The bird has formed the industrial chain: Bird – fatten — kill birds — sell birds. The main flow of migratory birds three markets: eat, play, release. Bird protection volunteers appeal: don’t play migratory birds, birds to return in spring next year! The Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Hua map, the National Day holiday, Tianjin bird protection volunteers Wang Ming (a pseudonym), Liu Yidan has been busy. Liu Yidan and law enforcement personnel such as a pedestrian to Tianjin Ninghe District destroyed two illegal dens in artificial fattening. Wang Ming is Tianjin folk patrol captain, in October 11th, they found in the Binhai New Area for large bird bird. The sea bird meters from October 2nd to October 6th, a total of 1.5 square kilometers, bird protection volunteers and law enforcement officers continuously cleared nearly 10000 meters of net, a total of nearly 2000 live bird rescue, on the Internet there are two thousand or three thousand dead birds, "and some are rotting on the ground, the floor is a dead bird." Volunteers said, "these years, never once found so many birds, never!" Participate in on-site demolition net volunteer memories, net much despair, never met, "a lot of times a net hanging full of birds, the only human all rushed to the rescue, with the fastest speed, but there are still a large number of migratory birds to rescue." In October 5th, Tianjin and Hangu found 10000 meters net in the new eco city! The vast network of volunteers, and after a day, the local police also hired workers, all removed to save birds, but still there are many birds are not removed. Can only save the live bird. After dark, the volunteers are paralyzed on the ground, the birds are often living because of the network and other causes of rapid death, limited manpower, we are tired and desperate! "The vast sea, removed the human will soon be flooded, but too many birds, there wasn’t the end!" Wang Ming said that migratory birds hanging on the Internet, they save the living migratory birds, take the card on the release, and some birds died on the Internet, and then buried, (site) the situation is extremely miserable". Tianyang volunteers at the scene photographed a scene: in wetland reeds, many birds have been removed, in the wetland are bursts of migratory birds corrosion taste. The video footage of the bird has rotted away from October 1相关的主题文章: