Beijing – VIDEO – Drepung Buddha again show tens of thousands of believers see a sleepless night praying Buddha Yan and Drepung believers see a total of tens of thousands of sleepless blessing [comment] held once a year in Tibet Temple exhibition Buddha monastery ceremony, tens of thousands of believers and tourists stayed up all night, in the rain, rushed to the Drepung Monastery is between see the Tibetan Buddhism Sakyamuni Buddha Thangka art and beauty giant. [comment] "Buddha Exhibition" of Tibetan Buddhism is a unique Buddhist religious activities, Drepung Monastery, temple, temple Za J Columbuss salad, held an exhibition of Buddha ceremony every year, the precious giant Tangka portrait displayed in the open-air exhibition Buddha, for the faithful worship and admiration. [comment] at 7:30, when the morning dawned, the sound came from fahao temple hall, lit mulberry smoke like white hada thrown into the air, the high rises, the Coqen hall number ten monks, Buddhist monks sang Yan lit sounded, people shoulder out of the huge Thangka Buddha Hall, in honor of monk team and the Grand Lama Temple under the guidance of slowly to the open-air exhibition Buddha at the root peiwuzi hillside. The same period [] (tourists P6) I just see from two o’clock now eight o’clock, two o’clock when I come from, to see so many people see the exhibition Buddha here, feel very touched. [comment] Drepung huge Satin for Buddha Thangka, 40 meters long, 37 meters wide, only a year in the first day of the Tibetan Shoton festival in June 30th to show the true color of believers. [comment] at 8 pm, accompanied by the Buddhist sound suonasheng was again sounded like huge Shakya Muni slowly reveals its serene countenance, faithful to the already prepared hada throw to the Buddha, and began chanting prayers. [comment] Drepung Monastery is the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism founder Tsongkhapa’s disciple, Jiang Yang Qu Ji? Zahi Ben Dan in 1416 created the Tibetan word for "midui Temple", its grand scale, white mountain building row upon row of built, looking like a giant Mi, which is named after zhe clam temple, this year coincides with the temple the 600 anniversary of the construction of the temple. The same period [] (Hangzhou tourists Xu Lixia) today it has one of the biggest festival is the festival, so we have to catch up with this festival, we (in Lhasa) for a day, so early at two o’clock this morning we got up here. Thangka is, very spectacular, very sacred, after seeing the people really feel for the shock. [comment] once a year Lhasa Shoton Festival from the exhibition Buddha monastery ceremony kicked off this year’s festival held on September 1st to 7. Except during the Drepung Monastery, salad temple Buddha exhibition activities, will also hold Tibetan opera performances, investment promotion, calligraphy and painting exhibition, dance exhibition, "yogurt? Music week 9 delicacy?" the 11 major activities. Reporter Gun San Ram Tibet, Lhasa reports相关的主题文章: