Only Beijing kiln temple be repaired protection source: Beijing daily   Jia Yanying, Mentougou District, Longquan town village door ring a century old kiln temple be repaired, the city is also the only one extant temple kiln. In order to better preserve the culture of the west of Mentougou kiln kiln, this year, the temple is also added to the kiln exhibition hall, the external display kiln production and life with the kiln God culture related content. The author in the repair old as the old kiln inside the temple to see, tile, wall, beam and column temple have conducted a comprehensive maintenance, two courtyards are placed in the text description and articles related to the kiln God culture. According to the relevant person in charge, to "repair kiln temple under the premise of ensuring the construction safety, do everything possible to preserve the existing historical structures" as the basic principle, the protection of cultural relics for the first premise, fully considering the display effect. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the painting has been fully repaired. The workers carefully using small gold gold technique for the main hall xuanzi repair painting, a small golden Peidian Moxian xuanzi technique, other buildings with black color pinch hoop head up, looks very delicate. The kiln God culture has been in the folk culture feature occupies a space for one person in the hundred years, repair of kiln temple will attract more tourists come to visit. In recent years, Mentougou district has been based on the tourism resources to explore beautiful scenery, deep folk culture of local characteristics, in order to further boost the development of the tourism industry in the region." A person in charge said.相关的主题文章: