"Beautiful" the full lineup of Di Ali Zebashing stills Yilun led by Sina entertainment news by Di Ali Gerba, Sheng Yilun starring, Li Xirui, Zhang Binbin, Wang Xiao, Wang Yi’Nan, Ren Wei, Wang Yifei starred in the comedy "workplace decompression warm heart beautiful Jennifer Li" first exposure "lineup" role stills. The first batch of stills set fashion, color bright and lively, blow look "pretty" family first party. The play tells the story happened perfect all grew up, "a woman of no concern to the inverter, and send young period short setback fat" Metamorphosis "high fashion elite Lengnan" "guardian of love between a strange combination of circumstances" love story. This is a cover of friendship, love, dream, workplace comedy, about a time lag, love story, also redefined the meaning of "beautiful". Di Ali Gerba interpretation of metamorphosis of the "double Sheng Yilun challenge located" in the exposure of the stills, the explosive instant noodles head, black rimmed glasses collocation freckles "workplace rabbit" (Jennifer Li Di Ali Zebaque) dress, brow, hands fork. With the lovely smart image interpretation of the expression is extremely uneasy and cramped new workplace. Different from the "lovers" in the high carat’s ambition, "hot deformation meter" Li Guan small handsome, Jennifer Li is confused The family is in straitened circumstances. inferiority, but kind and generous, sincere people. Lost childhood beauty and childhood sweetheart love, played by Di Ali Gerba Jennifer Li in the transformation of the way, step by step to grab the male heart. The Yilun Sheng played by white Haoyu, suits, hair neat, calm down to work. In the minimalist style office "overbearing president" interpretation of daily work perfectly. The first appeared in the modern drama Sheng Yilun, will challenge the "double set", is full of surprises. One side is calm and restraint, tongue harsh magazine deputy editor, the other side is Chongni warm and intimate stay adorable "warm heart, two men with boyfriend Jennifer Li have a close intersection. Another two stills from the exposure, white Haoyu half bent body, round Jennifer Li waist, Jennifer Li hand hold body, a hand touched Haoyu white forehead, eyes full of pink blend between CP, feeling overwhelmed. Changed the shape of the two people destined to meet, their double life, immediately warm start! Our production team is like the cast collocation of licking the screen "in addition, several other starring this exposure is very exciting. Skin white beauty, staged a strapless killed Xia Qiao (Li Xirui) Jennifer Li as the best bestie, has a unique fashion ideas, sexy and playful cute, and after the "Dear translator" in the "walking expression package" Carrie’s recent Wu; because the play "smiled a little" the hacker God KO a corner by many sisters like Zhang Binbin, abandoned the "high cold man" image in the play turned "wacky Knight" Lin wood, storage Hu slag, other unruly inclined to sit on the chair, funny people showed a focused look, let a person I began to look forward to this multifaceted role. Wang Xiao’s column editor Lin hao,!相关的主题文章: