Bayern forward: Robeiri or a combination of fear of sending Hamburg coach holiday – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 24th night at 21:30, 2016-17 season, the fifth round of the Bundesliga match, the defending champion, leading Bayern Munich away to a poor start in hamburg. The two teams in the League zhanba 4, Bayern 4 wins, 14 goals to lose 1 balls, alone to lead the standings; Hamburg 1 flat 3 negative, scoring 2 goals to lose 9 balls, only 1 points in the relegation zone. The last round of the league, Bayern home court 3-0 in Berlin Herta, keep on Herta’s 11 game winning streak; Hamburg 0-1 defeat in Freiburg, since the start of a win is hard to find. Ancelotti led Bayern to create a new coach led the best start in the summer, and India spent 32 million 500 thousand euros signings but still look only to avoid relegation. Bayern’s injury problems are constantly improving, Bud Skei Tubl are expected to return. Of course, there are some problems with Costa’s right leg muscles, Bayern is about to usher in the melon handsome coach almost never appeared, all benevolence situation. Hamburg is also a good situation, the biggest problem is the captain Dickmeyer’s injury, affecting the strength of the Hamburg defense. The historical record as the two team veteran Bundesliga team, the history of the two teams played 118 times (102 times in the Bundesliga, the German Cup 11 times, telecom cup 2 times, the Super Cup 2 times, the League Cup 1 times), Hamburg 22 wins 25 flat 71 negative, scoring 116 goals to lose 270 balls, in absolute downwind. Even if only 19 wins, 22 League, Hamburg is still flat 61 negative, into 101 ball lost 231 ball, in a completely passive. But the past few seasons often appear one-sided score: like last season’s 5-0, 14-15 and 12-13 season 8-0 season 9-2…… The last time the two teams play, Hamburg home 1-2 small negative Bayern, is still quite good performance. Labbadia became the second class coach? The 4 round of the game has not yet led the Hamburg to taste the victory, taking into account the current round of Bayern, the picture newspaper that the difficulty of winning Hamburg even greater than the Korean Peninsula reunification. At present, the Gambling company out of the Bundesliga coach odds, labadia to 2.5 / 1, higher than the top. Even Hamburg coach Byers Dov behind his coach, said general 8-10 will discuss a week of the team, but the media still think labadia may survive even in October this month will be dismissed. The return of Robben Robeiri, the new season Ribery combined Qi shine excellent condition, before the League 4 surrendered 2 goals and 4 assists in the answer. However, the fans always feel that what went to the game against Herta, the return of the is to make the former terrorist combination of Bayern to reproduce the lakes of the past. More importantly, after February 2015, the two players in the game again in both goals. It is worth mentioning that the game is the game against Hamburg in Bayern, the final score is 8-0! After the game, Robben to his comeback and goals are great, this is a wonderful moment for me. Especially when I react to the fans. This no)相关的主题文章: