Barbecue when he lit clothes Ningbo sophomore boys jumped into the scene is a mess of missing the correspondent for National Day, this is the happy feast day, the day before yesterday evening, a group of Ningbo University students gathering Yong river to spend the national day, who knows one of the students in the barbecue when he lit the clothes, so he jumped into the Yongjiang river. Never go ashore. October 1st at 8:58 in the evening, Jiangbei District fire brigade received an alarm call, there are some people here in the west of the river in the Ningbo University, you hurry up!" Alarm tone anxiety. Jiangbei District fire brigade immediately deployed 2 fire engines and 12 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene. Fire officers and soldiers just to the school gate, there are a lot of students anxious to wave, shouting, come with me, he has ten minutes into the water". Rushed to the scene, the fire brigade found in the shore of the platform, barbecue food scattered on the ground, the students are very excited mood, hope that students can be found as soon as possible drowning. It is understood that this student surnamed Lei, Hebei Shijiazhuang people, 20 years old this year, is Ning Institute of science and Technology Law Institute a sophomore. The National Day this year, he did not go home, and the villagers that evening barbecue together to spend the national day, in the firing process, the use of alcohol when his clothes ignited, so he directly jumped into the Yongjiang, this dance has not come. Reporters from the school security department learned that close to the edge of the Yongjiang River area is blocked, the students through the fences. Since the incident coincided with high tide, coupled with flowing, as former reporter writing, the students still have not been found. Autumn is the barbecue season, the fire department to remind you: barbecue fire, with sawdust, newspapers and other safety items, do not use alcohol, especially not alcohol directly splashed with fire to charcoal, to people who had experience to do fire this thing. In case of physical burns, in order to avoid inhalation of hot air, do not shout. Adults should always pay attention to the children around, the outdoor barbecue dangerous appliances, put in a safe position to avoid accidents. In addition, if his clothes should be immediately ignited by the fire, rolling on the ground, don’t choose to jump the river and other similar acts. (correspondent   Li Tong   reporter   Chen Yanran)相关的主题文章: