Baby as the most beautiful heart to become pregnant mothers how to maintain is getting more beautiful? Since Ruby Lin announced the news of pregnancy, Angelababy also announced the pregnancy news entertainment recently was a good thing, still two mothers on the work still beautiful people envy, to grasp the timing of pregnancy pregnancy more beautiful people but There are plenty of people who. Angelababy Angelababy has been released before pregnancy news transmission pregnant Angelababy also announced this week, following the news of pregnancy, two people received micro-blog users full blessing, users found baby days ago to attend the activities not only no problem during pregnancy edema, but also more and more beautiful with collagen can make many peers envy more the United States will do the baby pregnancy. Ruby Lin Ruby Lin in the days before the goddess Ruby Lin also announced the good news on micro-blog continue to share their life during pregnancy, not only appetite even movement is not lazy, did not relax. A lot of people in the pregnancy after the taboo, how to choose skin care products during pregnancy? In the end can not make-up pregnancy? In fact, as long as the right method to getting the United States during pregnancy. Today, we also went to the beautiful magician little P teacher, for everyone to answer how to become beautiful in pregnancy. Small P teacher 1 pregnancy should be how to choose skin care products? Need to replace all before? Small P teacher: in pregnancy with hormone levels change, to focus more on moisturizing work, so the type of skin care products can be based on moisturizing. Other functional products can be screened according to their own skin demands, also use not like anti wrinkle, whitening ingredients of these complex cosmetics on the skin surface, because the samples will not affect your skin health. If in order to ensure to give some suggestions of the screening of no danger of anything going wrong, the first essential oil products to users of some critical physical, the best choice of packaging marked "women available"; second is to add more will wrinkle ingredient in Victoria A acid, a large number of adverse effects on the fetus, although the amount of skin care products are very low, but for for security reasons, or do not try to use; another common ingredient salicylic acid, is widely used in beauty products, will use a lot of acne, cleaning products, as well as quantitative change will produce adverse change, so it is best not to. In fact, in general, not too many taboos, pregnancy can also be a good skin care. 2 how to eliminate the face and body edema during pregnancy? Small P teacher: before they became pregnant a lot of girls drink coffee during pregnancy and swelling of the habit, want to drink coffee every day will be swelling taboo does not exceed 2 cups, but the swelling method is more effective than drinking coffee is a massage. Every day the smear, the half palm grip, two finger joints at both sides of the chin from the bottom of lifting, after reaching the end of eye cheek, gently press the temple, after sliding ear according to neck and clavicle. The edema of the body, to improve the diet and living habits, eating less salt and less oil consumption of melon, yam, red beans with the drainage effect of food, usually do not develop sedentary habits, walking slow to keep.相关的主题文章: