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NDRC thorough investigation of illegal set two scenic garden park tickets – Finance – jkforum

NDRC: thorough investigation of illegal set two scenic garden park tickets – Finance – original title: development and Reform Commission: thorough investigation of illegal set two scenic garden park tickets and other acts according to the NDRC website news, recently, the NDRC issued a notice, the deployment of the competent price departments at all levels in 2016 to strengthen the supervision of market prices during the national day, mid autumn festival. Notice clear, focused on investigating illegal Scenic Garden Park, set ticket price gouging behavior. According to the NDRC, during the mid autumn day, mass tourism travel, shopping intensive characteristics, notification requirements around the strengthening of tourism, transportation, retail and other areas of supervision, focus on the following nine categories: first, the operator behavior does not perform the price level stipulated by the government or the floating range, without additional fees, through illegal settings "Parks" tickets and other forms of disguised raise ticket prices, not according to the provisions of the implementation of price tag and other acts; two, hotels and other tourism service enterprises by the name of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) "false price information, price gouging, disrupting the order of the market price behavior; three, catering, tourism and the surrounding area within the crowd gathered relative dining area special snack street, and is located in the" "restaurant review site top restaurants, scenic area And the surrounding tourism specialty store price tag is not executed the relevant provisions of the act; four, travel and tourism service website of original fiction, false preferential discounts, the price does not fulfill commitment to price fraud; five, highway, railway, civil aviation, transportation and other transportation industries over the government pricing, the price charged without price, misleading price such behavior; six, the highway toll does not perform major holidays toll free minibus policy behavior; seven, car rental, car rental companies do not enforce the price tag and other relevant provisions; eight, the highway rescue service company, the relatively closed area of goods and services price violations in airports, train stations, motorway service areas etc.; nine, online and offline retail enterprises and e-commerce level In the process of discount promotion, fictitious price, false preferential discount, fuzzy gift sale, misleading bid price, nonperformance of price commitment and other price fraud behaviors are found. The circular stressed that the country should further improve supervision of emergency plans during the festival and working mechanism, attaches great importance to the disaster weather and holidays formed the market price regulatory pressure, increase the frequency of monitoring and supervision of supermarkets, farmers market and people’s daily consumption is closely related to the site, pay close attention to consumption increased sharply during the holiday season of grain, meat poultry eggs, vegetables, milk and cakes such as food market and price dynamics, once found the market price fluctuation tendency, signs of problems, timely take effective measures to resolve, to ensure that the two sections of the market price supervision work to achieve solid results. (commissioning editor Jia Xingpeng and Xia Xiaolun)

发改委:严查两节景区违规设“园中园”门票等行为–财经–人民网 原标题:发改委:严查两节景区违规设“园中园”门票等行为   据发改委网站消息,近日,发改委发出通知,部署各级价格主管部门加强2016年中秋、国庆期间市场价格监管。通知明确,重点查处景区违规设置“园中园”门票、哄抬价格等行为。   发改委要求,针对中秋国庆期间群众旅游、出行、购物活动密集的特点,通知要求各地加强对旅游、交通、零售等领域的监管,重点查处以下九类行为:   一、景区经营者不执行政府规定的价格水平或浮动幅度,擅自增设收费项目,通过违规设置“园中园”门票等形式变相提高门票价格,不按规定实行明码标价等行为;   二、酒店等旅游服务企业借“营改增”等名义捏造涨价信息、哄抬价格、扰乱市场价格秩序的行为;   三、景区内及周边餐饮、旅游人群相对聚集的餐饮区、特色小吃街以及位于“大众点评网”等餐饮点评网站前列的餐馆,景区内及周边旅游特产商店不执行明码标价相关规定的行为;   四、旅行社及旅游服务网站虚构原价、虚假优惠折价、不履行价格承诺等价格欺诈行为;   五、公路、铁路、民航、水运等交通运输行业超过政府定价擅自涨价、价外收费、误导性标价等行为;   六、高速公路收费不执行重大节假日免收小型客车通行费政策的行为;   七、出租汽车、租车服务公司不执行明码标价相关规定等行为;   八、高速公路施救服务公司,机场、火车站、高速公路服务区等相对封闭区域内商品及服务价格违法违规行为;   九、线上线下商品零售企业以及电子商务平台在打折促销过程中虚构原价、虚假优惠折价、模糊赠售、误导性标价、不履行价格承诺等价格欺诈行为。   通知强调,各地要进一步健全节日期间应急监管预案和工作机制,高度重视灾害天气与节假日叠加形成的市场价格监管压力,加大对商超、农贸市场等与群众日常消费密切相关场所的监测频次和监管力度,密切关注节日期间消费量大幅增加的粮油、肉、禽、蛋、菜、奶及月饼等食品市场和价格动态,一旦发现市场价格波动的倾向性、苗头性问题,及时采取措施有效化解,确保两节市场价格监管工作取得扎实成效。 (责编:贾兴鹏、夏晓伦)相关的主题文章:

Artificial intelligence prediction Leonardo will win the current Oscar

Artificial intelligence prediction Leonardo will win the current Oscar movie "wild Hunter" sina science and technology Beijing time on February 29th morning news, Oscar prize is like throwing dice, but does not mean completely unpredictable. At least artificial intelligence systems do not accept this view. The artificial Intelligent Company Unanimous A.I. has just predicted the ownership of the 6 Awards this year. So who will be the big winner of the Oscar prize this year? Artificial intelligence prediction system, the best film of the year was awarded the "wild Hunter"; Leonardo Dicaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) will get it, get the best actor; best director award will be obtained by the film director Alessandro Inari map. The best actress will belong to the room Stallone Bri Larsen (Brie Larson), while Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet) will become the best supporting actress; Stallone (Sylvester) is expected to get the best supporting actor. The secret behind the platform is the UNU algorithm, which allows users to use their own human intuition, emotion and sensibility within 30 seconds to draw conclusions." Hershman Danner of Unanimous A.I. (Dana Heshaman) said. Although it sounds like crowdsourcing, this group of artificial intelligence methods do not rely on polls and surveys to draw conclusions, but let the whole group "think together" and use their common knowledge and intuition to draw conclusions." In the end, it’s better to be a leader than to be a person. In order to predict the results of the Oscar prize, UNU used expert thinking from 50 participants who had different degrees of understanding of different awards and nominees. And Heshaman predicted that the prediction would be as accurate as Microsoft Bing’s prediction and experts’ spending several hours as well as hourly analysis data. It is worth mentioning that, from the "super bowl" gambling results, UNU performance exceeded 99% people. (Book Yu)

人工智能预测莱昂纳多将拿下本届奥斯卡 电影《荒野猎人》   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月29日上午消息,奥斯卡奖就像扔骰子,但并不意味着完全不可预测。至少人工智能系统并不认可这一观点。人工智能公司Unanimous A.I.就刚刚对今年的6个大奖的归属进行了一番预测。   那么谁会是今年奥斯卡奖的大赢家呢?   人工智能系统预测,今年的最佳影片得主是《荒野猎人》;莱昂纳多・迪卡普里奥(Leonardo DiCaprio)终将如愿以偿,获得最佳男主角;最佳导演奖则会由该片导演亚历桑德罗・伊纳里图获得。   最佳女主角将归属于《房间》主演布丽・拉尔森(Brie Larson);而凯特・温斯莱特(Kate Winslet)则会成为最佳女配角;史泰龙(Sylvester Stallone)有望获得最佳男配角。   “背后的秘密在于平台的UNU算法,它可以在30秒之内让用户利用自己的人类直觉、情感和感受力得出结论。”Unanimous A.I.的丹纳・赫沙曼(Dana Hershman)说。   虽然这听起来有些像众包,但这种群体性人工智能方法并不依赖投票和调查来得出结论,而是让整个群体“一起思考,并利用他们共同的知识和直觉得出结论。”最终,集合众人所长要好于一个人的思考。   为了预测奥斯卡奖的结果,UNU使用了50名参与者的专家思维,他们都对不同的奖项和提名人有着不同程度的了解。而赫沙曼表示,这份预测结果与微软必应的预测以及专家花费好几个与小时分析数据的结果一样准确。   值得一提的是,从“超级碗”的赌球结果来看,UNU的表现超过了99%的人。(书聿)相关的主题文章:

Tomorrow strategy gold needle bottom show important law, late pull up violent main intention

Tomorrow’s strategy: the golden needle is the most important law, and the main intention of the late season is the intention of this article. The analysis of market strategy does not mean the view of the China securities regulatory net, and is not the basis for buying and selling stocks by investors. Editor’s note: the market is showing significant adjustment on Thursday. Market participants generally believe that the end of the month before the market is still in shock consolidation trend, the market outlook is still patiently waiting for the emergence of new hot power of. Operation on the short-term cautious operation, waiting for the trend clear, grasp the long-term market. So how will A shares be interpreted tomorrow? How will investors operate? Look at all the masters and the latest research institutions. Guangzhou Bandung: This is the bottom of the lilies important rules to the final blow? In a few bad joint strike, black Thursday as scheduled, the two cities rose only more than 700 stocks, the disk fell generally. However, the afternoon pick up has created a gold needle bottom, which increasingly highlights an important law of the current market. Since the A shares from the beginning of the 2800 start, 6 root tiaokongdikai line there were three months, coincidentally, after a similar line, the market will recover in a short period of time, then start upside. As of August 1st the market suddenly fell upward is in the early fall, when the aftermath, the root upward small line once let some investors shouted the end of the market for matter, but then is long continued to force, eventually won the 3100, sing the air was made slapped. Then, seventh tiaokongdikai line today turned out, it indicates that this is the final blow to the market is about to Guaitou? Eight consecutive days of callback has been the index slipped from high, if the market further down, the rare gathering of popularity will vanish. Guangzhou Bandung believes that in the G20 time window, the national team stable momentum strong. As the most important participants in the current market, the backing of the national team is very solid, therefore, A shares in the short term to stabilize and end this "stumble endlessly" trend is more likely. Today’s decline came mainly from the early low, and is constantly short intraday pay, no start, is obvious to people you sell into kinetic energy attenuation, the air force is to be released and exhausted, many of the jedi! So we should not be scared today gapped down hang back, this is a good time approach instead of picking up cheap. For good performance, and the depth of the main layout of the leading good stock, when the market will usher in a little rest on the callback of the opportunity, and the current market there is no speculation Dafengkou, investors cautious attitude and partial background, the reform of state-owned enterprises, pharmaceutical sector is particularly sought after by the funds, such as the Oriental entrepreneurship 10 days rose up to 31.50%, again today Huashenjituan market volume trading out of the recent record high, so this remarkable rush to raise enthusiasm, we should focus on the two main. (Bandung, Guangzhou)

明日策略:金针探底显重要规律 尾盘拉升暴主力意图 本文所涉及的市场策略分析不代表中证网观点,不作为投资者买卖股票的依据,股市有风险,投资须谨慎。编者按:周四市场呈现明显的调整行情。市场人士普遍认为,本月底之前市场仍以震荡整理趋势为主,后市仍需耐心等待新的有带动力的热点的出现。操作上短线谨慎操作,等待趋势明朗,把握中长线行情。那么明日A股将如何演绎?投资者将如何操作?且看众名家与机构的最新研判。 广州万隆:金针探底彰显重要规律 此乃空方最后一击?在几大利空的联手打击之下,黑周四如期而至,两市上涨个股仅700多只,盘面普跌。不过,午后的回升造就了一根金针探底,这越发彰显本轮行情的一个重要规律。自A股从2800启动开始,三个月时间里共出现过6根跳空低开阴线,巧合的是,在类似的阴线出现之后,市场都会在短时间内收复失地,随即展开上攻。如8月1日市场突然跳空下挫,彼时正处于前期暴跌余波之中,这根跳空小阴线的出现一度让部分投资者高喊行情结束逃命要紧,但随后就是多头持续发力,最终拿下3100,唱空者被狠打耳光。那么,第7根跳空低开阴线就在今天横空出世,是否预示着此时就是空方的最后一击,市场即将拐头向上呢?连续八天的回调已经让指数从高位滑落,倘若市场再出现进一步的下跌,难得聚拢起来的人气就会烟消云散。广州万隆认为,在G20时间窗口,国家队维稳动力强。作为当前市场上最重要的参与方,国家队的后盾坚实无比,因此,A股短期内企稳、结束这“跌跌不休”走势的可能性较大。今天的跌幅主要来自早盘的低开,而盘中却是买单不断,空头无从下手,杀跌动能的衰减是各位有目共睹的,待空方力量释放殆尽,就是多方绝地反击之时!所以我们不应该被今天的跳空下跌吓得畏缩不前,相反此时正是进场低价接货的好时机。对于业绩优良、又有主力深度布局的龙头好股,在大盘回调的时候才会稍作休整迎来上车机会,而当前市场不存在炒作大风口、投资者态度又偏谨慎的背景下,国企改革、医药等板块则尤其受到资金追捧,如东方创业10个交易日涨幅高达31.50%,再如华神集团今天逆市放量拉出涨停创下近期新高,抢筹热情可见一斑,因此这两大主线我们应该重点关注。(广州万隆)相关的主题文章:

8 years of living figures break through the vitality of the 100 million heroes Union lara fabian

8 years to live the number of breakthroughs in the vitality of the League of 100 million heroes, as well as how long in 2010, Brandon in the United States a speech impressed Chen Yu. "At that time, the League of heroes" is not very successful, but he talked about how to make the League of heroes "IP", said that one day he would like to do the "Heroes union" to do the image of the classic IP." In February 6, 2008, the video game developers around the world gathered in Las Vegas to attend the D.I.C.E. summit in the red rock casino. In the middle of many big game company boss, investors, big coffee industry, mixed with two more than and 20 year olds, Brandon · Beck (Brandon Beck) and Mark · (Marc Merrill); Meryl, neither the organizers of the invitation list, there is no summit tickets, two people had to sneak in. Brandon and Mark were incubating an online game, "Legends" (League of). Today, eight and a half years, the reporter sitting opposite Brandon and Mark, recalling the hardships, with a smile. In September 13, 2016, the fist game (Riot Games) revealed in an interview with this newspaper, its online "hero alliance" of the global monthly active users has exceeded 100 million, for four consecutive years to become the world’s first game game player number. In contrast, with the "World of Warcraft", "watch pioneer" and "hearthstone legend" and other well-known online games veteran game Blizzard announced this year, nearly 50 million active users. 2013, the number of monthly active users of similar online DotA2 released 6 million 500 thousand. In the update speed of the online world, "hero alliance" continued fame to exceed all expectations. The fist game game player Anne and the headquarters of the hall provided Perth statue fist game headquarters is located in the west of Losangeles, from the Santa Monica Beach Resort (SantaMonica) is only five kilometers. The company in the middle of the hall stood a ferocious bear statue visitor toward the palm, next to a purple hair girl statue, this is the "hero alliance" in the role of "Anne, daughter of darkness". In the game, the wild bear "Perth" usually will be Anne a teddy bear with me, the face of the enemy, summoned their skills to attack each other. The white walls on both sides of the hall are covered with portraits of other heroes in the game. Every morning and evening, riding on a scooter, walking to the office staff on the shuttle Yu Anni and Tibers, between the game and the real world. All employees of the fist game are fans, even in the financial, administrative and other departments are no exception. In fact, in the day of the interview at CEO, Brandon just got to return the "Legion" World of Warcraft: 110, which is currently the highest level of the game. Brandon almost always smile. Jeans, black jacket, light colored T-shirt is his standard, it is difficult to imagine this seemingly humble and shy CEO did not finish high school. In high school, Brandon was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Serious when,.相关的主题文章:

The potential long looming 80% new fund positions waiting for the opportunity – fund channel 乃々果花

The potential long looming 80% new fund positions waiting for the opportunity – fund channel statistics show that equity fund products in recent 3 months established, in a state of short positions accounted for about 80%, more than 50% of the fund less than 10% positions. Fund managers believe that the current stock game market is the lack of new funds to enter the market, and then whether to increase or lighten up, we need to pay attention to the expected difference of reform and policy adjustment and control of the time difference. 80% new fund positions in September 12th the market fell sharply, which represents the blue chip market in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index fell 1.67%, the gem index representative of emerging growth stocks fell 2.61%. From the fund performance, the average value of partial stock funds fell by 1.55%, of which the average net value of ordinary equity funds fell by 2.27%, the average value of index funds fell by 2.12%, and the average value of partial shares of hybrid funds fell by 1.31%. Compared with the changes in the net fund and market changes, the lowest position requirements of the stock fund positions generally higher, while the hybrid fund positions roughly six or seven. (see the fund asset allocation) positions from the recent establishment of the active management of fund products, the overall position is very low, of which 80% fund products are basically in the state of short positions. Statistics show that in June since the establishment of the 172 actively managed fund products, including common stock funds, partial shares of hybrid funds and flexible allocation of funds, in September 12th fell, the net decline in more than 1% of only 20, the net change in more than 0.5% products is only 28, while net in less than 0.2% of the fund up to 126. The control the overall market price range, the new fund, about 80% in the basic state of short positions, the position is higher than 50% of the fund is only more than 10% products. Similarly, in the July 27th crash, as well as the market rose in August 15th, the new fund net changes are very small, the overall position is also very low. That is, in September 12th the net decline of 20 products more than 1%, including 7 Shanghai Hong Kong Shenzhen theme fund, including a 2.67% decline in Qianhai Shanghai and Hong Kong open source selection, leading deep down 2.11% BAOYING Internet deep Shanghai and Hong Kong etc.. Waiting for Jiancang opportunities in the industry view, relative to the establishment of a longer time of public fund, the fund has just set up a new fund position configuration, more able to show the fund manager’s judgment on the current market. The new fund maintained a very low position in the whole, indicating that fund managers are waiting for better Jiancang opportunity. An emerging growth style fund managers believe that since the beginning of the year fell, the market continued low volatility, lack of money effect, investor risk appetite, the pursuit of deterministic performance becomes an important logic fund manager positions, but underestimate the value of blue chips rose, this matter belongs to the assets of the company’s debt attraction also decreased, while the market diffusion to the PPP market, or that the bond asset class investment logic gradually coming to an end. In terms of the fund managers, although most of the new fund positions are very low, but not.

潜在多头隐现 八成次新基金空仓等待机会-基金频道  统计数据显示,最近3个月来成立的权益类基金产品中,处于空仓状态的占八成左右,仓位超过五成的基金不足一成。基金经理认为,当前存量博弈行情缺乏新增入市资金,接下来是否加减仓,需要关注改革推进的预期差和政策调控的时间差。   八成次新基金空仓   9月12日市场大幅下跌,其中代表大盘蓝筹股的沪深300指数下跌1.67%,代表新兴成长股的创业板指数下跌2.61%。   从基金表现看,偏股型基金净值平均下跌1.55%,其中普通股票型基金净值平均下跌2.27%,指数型基金净值平均下跌2.12%,偏股混合型基金净值平均下跌1.31%。对比基金净值变化及市场涨跌变化情况看,有最低仓位要求的股票型基金仓位普遍较高,而混合型基金仓位大致为六七成左右。(   点此查看基金资产配置)   从近期成立的主动管理型基金产品的仓位情况看,当前整体仓位非常低,其中八成基金产品基本处于空仓状态。统计数据显示,在6月份以来成立的172只主动管理型基金产品,包括普通股票型基金、偏股混合性基金和灵活配置型基金,在9月12日的大跌中,当日净值跌幅超过1%的仅20只,净值变动超过0.5%的产品也仅28只,而净值变动不足0.2%的基金多达126只。对照当天市场整体涨跌幅度,表明上述次新基金中,八成左右基本处于空仓状态,仓位高于五成的基金产品仅有一成多。同样在7月27日的大跌中,以及8月15日的市场大涨中,次新基金的净值变化均很小,整体仓位同样极低。   需要说明的是,在9月12日当天净值下跌超过1%的20只产品中,还包括7只沪港深主题基金,包括下跌2.67%的前海开源沪港深龙头精选、下跌2.11%的宝盈互联网沪港深等。   等待建仓机会   在业内人士看来,相对于成立时间较长的公募基金来说,刚刚成立不久的次新基金仓位配置情况,更能表明基金经理对当前市场的判断。次新基金整体维持在极低仓位,表明基金经理还在等待更好的建仓时机。   沪上某新兴成长风格的基金经理认为,从年初下跌以来,市场低位持续震荡,赚钱效应缺失,投资者风险偏好下降,追求确定性业绩成为基金经理持仓的重要逻辑,但是低估值蓝筹股上涨,本质上属于类债资产公司的吸引力也随之下降,当市场行情扩散到PPP行情时,或表明类债资产的投资逻辑逐步进入尾声。   在上述基金经理看来,尽管大部分次新基金仓位很低,但并不意味着看空市场。“低仓位主要是基于避险的原因,如果前期上涨的蓝筹股遭遇调整,市场整体估值承压,对新兴产业概念股同样会造成打压,如果跌出机会,将是建仓的良好时机,对于大部分低仓位乃至空仓基金来说,空仓更多意味着潜在的多头。”   另一位基金经理表示,接下来是否加减仓,需要关注改革推进的预期差和政策调控的时间差。如果改革力度超出市场预期,或者政策推进时间比市场预期乐观,将会带来好的入市机会。   统计数据显示,最近3个月来成立的偏股基金,首募总规模为597亿元。根据测算,除了已经建仓的基金以外,可供入市的资金约为530亿元左右。在基金经理看好的板块中,主要有高景气度的农业、消费、家装等行业;还有多位基金经理看好有政策预期、调整比较充分的新能源汽车板块,认为在年底之前还会有一波行情。相关的主题文章:

The average age is 70 years old. Why are Nobel laureates so old

The average age is 70 years old. Why are Nobel laureates so old? Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 7th news, according to foreign media reports, in this year’s Nobel prize has been announced, the average age of the winner reached 72 years old, but it is not always seen from the exchanges. Why are Nobel laureates getting older than they were earlier? The Nobel prize winner the age distribution in the published 2016 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine, including physics, chemistry, award winners, all the minimum age is 65 years old, mostly over 72 years old. But dates back to the first half of twentieth Century, when the average age of Nobel winner will be only 56 years old. Take the Nobel prize for physics, for example, and now the winners are basically 65 years of age, and in the last century when the winner of the average age of only 47 years old. In fact, from the beginning of the world in 50s, in all areas of traditional science, there has been a Nobel prize winner of the age of this trend has continued until today. We often hear such a story, said a few hundred years ago, a writer or philosopher of profound knowledge, be learned in books read over all the time, books, and no one can. The story may be true, but there is no doubt that knowledge has been constantly increasing, and even can be used to describe the explosion. But is it because we are faced with so much information and theory today that scientists have been able to make a breakthrough in their later years? This may not be the real answer. The Nobel museum curator Gustaf · Bertrand Kells (GustavKä llstrand) gives his explanation. He said that 100 years ago, the world has only about 1000 physicists, and up to now, it is estimated that the number of global physicists up to 1 million. "This is an important factor. It takes a long time to get a Nobel prize, and you won’t be awarded the Nobel prize immediately, even if you have made a breakthrough in a certain field." He said. Even now, the scientists in their early life has made a scientific research results, but there are other colleagues in the same tens of thousands of research topics, and the Nobel prize selection committee has high inspection standard, a scientific research achievements to win you may need to wait for many years. Nobel prize winner belongs to the national division map but we still have questions. For example, there are a large number of writers, economists or peace enthusiasts to win the Nobel prize, compared with 100 years ago, much more, but their age of winning is very different. Why is the aging trend of the Nobel prize winner more obvious than that of Physiology or medicine? Kyle Strand pointed out that all attributed to the early 20th century, the field of quantum mechanics brought about by the scientific revolution. "In the first half of the 20th century, physics became a rapidly growing field, and many physicists were young, and they soon made important discoveries." Kyle Strand said, "the Nobel committee is aware of these. This is an area of interest to them, and they will soon accept it相关的主题文章:

September has arrived! Look at these early autumn is the most beautiful place (video)

September has arrived! Look at these early autumn is the most beautiful place [Abstract] autumn is best season for traveling in europe. The tide receded, the weather is not so hot in summer, visitors can comfortably in the streets of Europe open-air coffee shop and sat down for a cup of coffee. From September to the early autumn, look at these most beautiful place! What are the European tourist destination? Autumn is the best season for travel in europe. The tide receded, the weather is not so hot in summer, visitors can comfortably in the streets of Europe open-air coffee shop and sat down for a cup of coffee. Of course, the most attractive or Europe show these attractions in the early autumn period of amazing scenery. First, the United Kingdom, London, London was named the most popular city in autumn in europe. Whether it is a new hotel in London, such as floating Sunborn Hotel, or in the high roof bar, or the London Heathrow Airport unsurprisingly topped. London’s tall buildings have been constantly refreshed, the latest is the 87 floor of the lighthouse – London shard building. London, England (the Shard) as the tallest building in Europe to design and construction, 1016 feet tall (310 meters), costing $450 million, about 4 billion 540 million yuan. "Shard building" inspired by the spires and masts of ships on the Thames River. The overall shape is narrow width, the top of the spire gradually disappeared in the sky, like a sixteenth Century pinnacles or tall ship mast. The building form from irregular base building, open to the sky, let it breathe. The building will make up for the irregular shape of the base. Each inch of skin is covered by the inward tilt and the upward growth of the glass sheet, and finally formed a glittering and translucent glass Pyramid. Finally, the top of the glass plate will not contact each other, forming an open space for the entire building to provide a breathing opening. Piano uses a sophisticated glass curtain wall, the highly expressive facade of the building consists of an angled window pane, reflecting light and changing the pattern of the sky. This kind of facade can change the form of the building according to the weather and the seasons. Two, Spain, Madrid in the past few years, the Spanish economy continues to slump, but this does not affect its position in the hearts of tourists. Here is not only delicious tapas, cutting-edge gin, there is a large park and Museum of art. You can choose the higher floors of the hotel, while tasting a panoramic view of madrid. Madrid is the most recommended Madrid palace, but Prado Museum is worth exploring. Prado Museum is located in the Prado Avenue, one of the world’s leading museums, has first-class Spanish and European art collections, and the Le Louvre Museum, the The National Gallery in Britain, Spain is the supreme art palace. The Prado Museum Museum reached more than 10 thousand, in addition to Goya, Velazquez and other native Spanish masters, is also a collection of Titian, Lubensi, Yeluoni at · Bosch famous artists such as art treasures, and the queen Sophia National Art Center, Boneimisa teesson – art museum together constitute the famous "Ma De.相关的主题文章:

The Travel Agency refused 12 fake information tourists claim 440 thousand awarded 50 thousand bree daniels

The Travel Agency refused 12 fake information tourists claim 440 thousand awarded 50 thousand original title: because of travel agency information 12 German tourists were forged JINGWAH refused Times News (reporter Zheng Yujia) travel agency said counterfeit ticket information, resulting in Europe tour visa is a collective refusal, Ms. Wu, 12 people will China Taihe Travel Agency Limited company to court claims more than 44 yuan. Court of first instance judgment travel agency compensation of 5 yuan, Ms. Wu, who refused to appeal. Recently, the appeal in the second session of the city court hearing. Ms. Wu, 12 people in June 25, 2014 and Taihe travel agency signed a contract, agreed by the other agent 12 euro Schengen tourist visa and travel to Germany, Italy to access services, and pay 12 yuan. Ms. Wu, who submitted to the travel agency tickets and hotel pre orders, part of the ticket booking by the travel agency. In July 11th, the travel agency told Ms. Wu et al., the whole tourist visa by the German Embassy collective refusal. Therefore, originally scheduled for departure in August 4th European tour can not be scheduled on time. Ms. Wu said, she told the German Embassy email, the reason is "the Travel Agency refused forged flight booking information". Because of that the travel agency forged ticket information fraud, resulting in the tourist itinerary was delayed, Wu et al will travel to the East Court, seeking compensation for the economic losses totaling more than 44 yuan. During the trial, Ms. Wu to the court submitted a reply to the embassy and other evidence. Dongcheng court held that the travel agency fails to provide flight information to the visa agency visa refusal et al. True, the plaintiff failed to cause et al at a predetermined time travel, and cause economic losses, should bear the liability for breach of contract. Court of First Instance sentenced travel agencies to compensate the plaintiff 5 yuan. After the first instance verdict, Ms. Wu, who refused to appeal to the second city hospital. Wu believes that the travel agency’s behavior has constituted fraud, should be 3 times the compensation in accordance with the law. Recently, the appeal in the second session of the city court hearing. The case is not in court for sentencing. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章:

Dinner illegal inquiry of cadres and discipline – Beijing shuyue

"Dinner" illegal inquiry of cadres and discipline in the new network – May 18th, Xinhua net "discipline" 20 forbidden "stop" dinner crazy "" one article, the Jilin Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to "20 ban" in the form of a dinner red, not only for the control of greedy mouth, it is dishonest to take control "the hand of corruption", by users praise. In high pressure corruption is the wind under the "dinner" once again caused widespread concern. In this regard, experts pointed out that the governance violation of discipline and rules should have dinner in front of it. 1 under the ban eating unhealthy "underground" as of April 30th this year, Fujian province to investigate violations of the provisions of the central eight mental problems, involving the illegal public funds have 74, 147 people, 9 kinds of problems in the report ranked second. This set of data in the country is 765, 1044 people, 9 kinds of problems in the report ranked fifth. Bulletin of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department "51" on the eve of the 8 of the eight Central provisions violate the spirit of the typical cases, there are 2 cases involving illegal "dinner". With the provisions of the central eight continue to promote the implementation of, and effectively curb the unhealthy trend around. However, there are still some "chowhound" officials can’t keep their mouth, "do not eat eat money boss, not into the club into the community", the so-called "canteen", "feast" no less than the degree of luxury luxury club. Xinhua News Agency reported in Anhui, a town government cafeteria is divided into two layers. The first floor is the staff room, the two floor ", the distribution of a few boxes hidden but beautiful spot", one of the biggest box in the table can satisfy 20 people to dinner, a luxurious, beside the teahouse, chess tables, and the like hotel restaurant high-end box. "Now a small part of public funds has become a" online meal ordering ", the use of the Internet fast consumption, on the one hand to evade supervision, on the other hand also provide more consumer choice." Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Qingshen county cadres Deng Mingye said. Fujian Shaowu, Jiangsu Lishui, Guangdong Kaiping, Yunnan Luo equality Commission staff also revealed that some illegal dinner has been "let go near the business owners or their families to receive", "into the residential area or private villa", "transfer to the adjacent counties", "people hired a senior chef at private kitchens with leadership, leadership, condolences on the body care room" and other variants. Fujian Province, Sanming City discipline party and government supervision director Zhang Xingsen in the inspection also found that some people eat not open invoice, all open quota invoice, decomposition or will be accounted for reimbursement; open office supplies invoices and expenses in financial reporting units, break up the whole into parts sales; some even exceed the budget hospitality in conference fees, difference travel, training fees charged to other subjects in public consumption. Some city (county) departments, township, direct reception menu, invoice "three single", the reception time and number, work reasons, leadership, personnel, the reception to accompany the meal costs are relatively vague, it’s hard to tell the actual use of funds". Some experts pointed out that in the face of the red line, is still illegal dinner Jinerbuzhi, suggesting that some party members and cadres have not discipline this string taut. Game 2 "dinner" behind the Zhejiang)相关的主题文章:

Guangming Daily Shaoxing fire, don’t forget the Kunqu Opera – View – melia kreiling

Guangming Daily: Shaoxing fire, don’t forget the Kunqu Opera – View – original title: Shaoxing fire, don’t forget the Kunqu Opera as the first batch of selected UN Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative of the Chinese project, Kunqu Opera heritage value of almost all precipitation in hundreds of traditional opera. Therefore, it is an urgent task to carry out the rescue and protection of traditional repertoire. The G20 Hangzhou summit performances dream poem singing, let the world enjoy the China traditional opera beauty, which makes people think of another magnificent ancient opera – opera. As the first batch of selected UN Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative of the Chinese project, Kunqu Opera heritage value of almost all precipitation in hundreds of traditional opera. Therefore, in the older generation of Kunqu Opera actor inheritance the traditional repertoire of rescue protection arrangement is an urgent a pressing matter of the moment. Since 2004, Kunqu Opera writer, producer Bai Xianyong joint on both sides of the three scholars, artists together to create a youth version of Kunqu Opera became popular in the world, even his popularity, and cultivate a group of young opera lovers, let the classics "the Peony Pavilion" hairpin "full of new life. Since then, in the opera heritage plan of Peking University and other colleges and universities set up courses in Colleges and universities, Kunqu Opera, Kunqu Opera, Kunqu Opera Culture Week held excellent project performance, the protection of Kunqu opera culture and the development of Kunqu heritage fresh blood, promote the development of traditional culture, the Kunqu Opera became a kind of cultural phenomenon". In fact, a review of the history of Kunqu Opera, each historical period has important significance to the development of Kunqu opera characters and events, whether it is the beginning of the peak, or on the occasion of the decline. These are the important figures and events that Kunqu Opera stretches so far. For example, in the early industrialist Mu Ouchu was in Suzhou five acres of park opened Kunqu Opera Institute, cultivate famous Kunqu Opera in the history of "Zibei" performers, to an important role for the survival of the ancient drama of Kunqu Opera play. If there is no school, we now probably only in the play or musical score to see the opera. Different times, inheritance of Kunqu Opera in different ways, to review the promotion of heritage and contemporary opera, it is too early. For example, white’s youth version of the opera, starring level, structure, script tailoring, choreography, singing clothing design and other aspects of the shortcomings, has been inseparable from the traditional music arts and academic criticism discussion. The inheritance of Kunqu Opera project, form than content, entertain more than "broad-spectrum" promotion, also each have questioned the voice of. In addition, there are series of fire, but the fire is not drama phenomenon, many people only think of mentioning the Kunqu Opera "Peony Pavilion". As a reference to the the Imperial Palace, is to see the "riverside"; a reference to the Le Louvre Museum, is to see "Monalisa"; a reference to Taipei, is to see jade cabbage. So it would be too Maiduhaizhu inheritance. But the practice is better than the previous talk, to Kunqu opera art high perspicacity and foresight, must be established on the basis of numerous attempts, repeated practice, and breakthrough. The inheritance law is not fixed, the new "fifteen Guan" sing opera created "a play on both sides of the Changjiang River, save a drama of the story, lead Kunming)相关的主题文章:

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