At this time there is a typhoon? It is behind the cold acid cool subtropical high VS! Today most of the area of Fujian back to temperature, walking in the street, you will not know what season in Fuzhou, Xiamen, Zhangzhou and more meteorological forecast, tomorrow will be fine weather, the temperature continues to climb, the cool autumn night morning midday decline, even some hot, the hot people think of subtropical high". In mid November, the subtropical high with very strong, into the Asian continent like the summer of November 12th, directly affect at least six provinces (area), which is our Fujian. In late November 12th 8 to the deputy high strength range of the subtropical high, the typhoon is ready to. At present, the Northwest Pacific in the last typhoon in 2016 in the east of Philippines, there were 4 typhoon Demons and monsters danced like mad., cub at the same time, there are two possible, respectively in 3 days and 6 days after entering the South China Sea, China’s indirect effect. The evening of November 12th in the Northwest Pacific typhoon situation but in the end is to the middle of November, give you two days of sunny, cold air coming up. According to the Fujian Meteorological Station forecast: 14, upper trough eastward, low shear crossing the northern part of the province, the province’s humidity, clouds, precipitation in north central region, including Nanping, Ningde two cities have moderate rain, local heavy rain or rainstorm. 15, the lower turn easterly flow, ground weak cold air from the road southward, the more clouds, part of the north central region with light rain. 16, the province over the anticyclonic circulation, ground controlled by high pressure wedge, the province mainly cloudy weather. 17, the province over the anticyclonic circulation, the ground controlled by high wedge, the province mainly cloudy weather. 18, our province over the southwest airstream, weak convergence of north central coastal province, cloudy to overcast weather, North Central Coast some showers. 19-21, the upper trough eastward, with low shear effects, the small to moderate, the western and northern part to heavy rain, local heavy rain. 22, the upper trough lower shear eastward, southward, strong surface cold air southward, the province has small to moderate, central and southern parts of moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain; the temperature decreased, the coastal wind significantly increased. The forecast mentioned two dial cold air, is a weak cold air for 15 days, but because of the south subtropical high dominant, so too big impact on us, but we still have to pay attention to add clothes. The strong cold air 22 days can be careful: from the beginning of November 18th in the evening, the cold air forces northern Arctic vortex will launch multiple attacks, strong cold wave will be south again, may be the largest scale since the second half of the year; while still conveying subtropical high not to yield a step, in the South China Sea, even typhoon approaching Hainan — more transporting a large amount of water vapor the ability of our inland. So this time the cold, will be accompanied by large-scale rain and snow. In November 20th the situation for Fujian, not "Snow", but the strong cold air process, and makes a lower temperature. So friends, today’s sunshine is a luxury, and the line and cherish it! Finally, look at the detailed forecast >相关的主题文章: