Today 10 Jiangsu will air raid alarm for 19 minutes to commemorate " 918, " 10 this morning, Jiangsu province will air raid siren sounded, please people hear the sirens don’t panic. Modern Express reporter learned that this is the second time unified air raid sirens. According to the People’s Republic of China air defense law and the requirements of the provincial and municipal governments, since 2015, the Jiangsu provincial government to determine each year in September 18th for the province’s air defense alarm test day. At 10 o’clock this morning, the air raid siren will ring over the province. A sequence is respectively: 10 to 10 03 10 08. Pre alarm; air raid alarm at 10:16 to 10:11 to 10:19. Airing disarm the alarm. The whole process will last 19 minutes. How to distinguish the three alarm sounds? It is understood that the warning is in front of the enemy air strikes have issued a warning, the staff began to evacuate, 36 seconds, stop for 24 seconds, repeated for a cycle of time, time, 3 minutes. Air raid alarm is in the enemy will be issued to us when the air strikes, 6 seconds, stop for 6 seconds, repeated for a cycle of time, time, 3 minutes. Lift the alarm is issued in the air or war temporary relief, ringing for 3 minutes. Extended video: nothing to do with the original text. Nanjing Massacre Memorial Day: air raid sirens and car horns相关的主题文章: