Another suspended activity! Actor Toyoguchi Emi announced to concentrate on raising fetal sound work can be said to be very hard, there are a large number of characters for a variety of reasons to suspend activities this year. Today (September 30th) and another voice announced that it will suspend activities, but it is a very good thing for. It is voiced by Toyoguchi Emi published in the marriage news also published the news of the pregnancy has been. Toyoguchi Emi has acted as "demon dream" the small treasure to be so energetic and virtuous girl role, but also appeared in such as "Mary" in the St. Misaki Sato such a handsome female, or "Black Lagoon" Levin Wei so rough wild female, rich voice. In the "Bullet Theory" after the final truth is clear, a good interpretation of the island of the island of the role of all the 7 characters. Due to the professional broadcasting background, the lively and humorous nature of the conversation skills is well received. In the week turns into the studio hosted voice "RADIO SEED" and other weekly radio show, Feng Kou with its "super sadist character" often play tricks on each week on the host at a loss. Although the because of pregnancy and suspended the seiyuu activities, but after the open letter in the mouth Feng also said that it would resume as soon as possible. No wonder the shield in "broken 3" projectile on the scenes so little, the result is to be able to home early miscarriage. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: