"Anling" Tao Xinran daughter was born a curse angrily scolded – Beijing, Beijing, October 10, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, Tao Xinran because of the show "The Legend of Zhen Huan" harem "anling" (small main) corner and popular, gentle and graceful image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In 2015 she married love for 7 years long He Jianze, and in September 12th the birth of her daughter "walnut (He Tao)", for the happiness of a family of three, unexpectedly, there are friends to curse her daughter "no good", let the body for mother she was scolded. Tao Xinran 12 in the micro-blog share news produced her daughter, "the mother of small cotton padded jacket, daddy’s little lover, in our anticipation, come to us." Every word is upgraded to the mother’s joy, but there are users in this post under the response: "feel your daughter will not have a good end, so as her mother was angry and sad," the mood on me off screen also does not matter, curse my daughter, do you think you will have what good? I’m not the virgin white lotus, I have the bottom line!" In fact, Tao Xinran plays a role of Feng Manna in the drama "rouge", she is a simple personality, direct girls play the Central Plains, and actress Zhao Liying are good sisters, but when their parents are traitors, but after he personally bestie will parents to the end, she becomes extremely cruel and merciless, vowed to Zhao Liying revenge. The role she played penetrating, but also for her with a lot of criticisms, she did not think of as in praise of his acting, recently, even their own less than a month, the daughter also suffer, so many friends as she Baoqu, called: "this man is not moral!"相关的主题文章: