Adult film actress and actor. Idol love meet Singapore Ino Ohui is Johnny popular artist, actress Kirara Asuka starred in "Iron Maiden", "anonymous" detective and other film and television works, on the top two popular idol in Japan Roppongi bar membership date, a bar regulars said: "Ino Ohui is a regular membership of the bar, the manager also often drink with him, before drinking will hold, Kirara Asuka also joined in the." It is reported that Ino Ohui and Kirara Asuka often together to participate in activities, dating sites often choose membership in the bar. Ino Ohui in June this year will be 26 years old, even if there is no problem in Roppongi, but users had witnessed them and Hey! Say! JUMP Takagi Yuya and Arioka Oki appear together in Roppongi, presumably just Kirara Asuka and Hey! Say! JUMP membership is better. Johnnys also responded that they only encounter in the bar, not a date. A jester and sexy actress gossip is not uncommon, past V6 Morita Take, NEWS Tegoshi Yuya and KAT-TUN have got Tanaka scandal, while Ino Ohui is a popular artist, just is a combination of Hey! Say! JUMP debut ten anniversary, the firm must hope to clarify the scandal. (cloth)相关的主题文章: