A Zhangzhou man kangaroo electric Shan pig only electricity dead brother sweet potato fields have been pig eating, it is about a CuO Bian electric partner kangaroo pig, pig unexpectedly not to, but his brother died to power. September 21st, Nanjing County Public Security Bureau will be suspected of endangering public safety in a dangerous way Qiu Mouwu, criminal detention of Qiu Moubao. -9 at the beginning of the month, who lives in a village of Shuyang town Nanjing County Qiu Mouwu found his land had been mountain pig eating sweet potato. In order to reduce the loss, I taste the delicious pork hill, Qiu Mouwu and Qiu Bao CuO Bian to discuss setting up the grid to capture wild pigs. After two days of busy, two people in the sweet potato in kangaroo grid more than 500 meters, and the power supply switch at home, every night at 9, electricity, 5 points off the next morning. Unexpectedly, in September 20th, two people will forget the power grid. In the afternoon, the kangaroo electric injury of fellow villagers Qiu Mouwen, brother Qiu Mouwu also mistakenly electric dead. Handling the police rushed to the scene, the brother of Qiu Mouwu hand charred, according to the judgment, the hand should be accidentally electrocuted touching the fence. In this regard, the police reminded that the majority of private pull the power grid hidden in the grass, a wide range, long lines, high voltage, prone to human and animal electric shock casualties. The relevant departments of the state specific provisions: no township enterprises, the factory workshop to install power grid (field); privately installed grid circle houses, gardens, barns, blocking pens for livestock and poultry house; strictly prohibited fishing, hunting, catching or grid Miehai etc.. If the power kangaroo hurt others human body situation, they should be investigated for the criminal responsibility of the persons concerned according to law. (reporter correspondent Huang Daze Zhang Huiling) related video: Russia, a young man seeking to stimulate the train to climb a train and died of a teenager seeking to stimulate the train electric shock killed >相关的主题文章: