A week to halt the acquisition of two Chinese mergers and acquisitions in Germany worried about what last week, about the latest economic and trade relations between China and Germany, the latest controversy detonated public opinion from two. The German government is the first stop of the German Chinese Sanan optoelectronics lighting giant OSRAM (Osram) subsidiary of Landes Vance (Ledvance) acquisition, followed by the withdrawal of Chinese Fujian hongsin fund the acquisition of German chip equipment manufacturers Ace (Aixtron) license. The German government halted in the acquisition is not accidental, is inseparable with the new challenges facing the Sino German economic and trade relations in recent years. The author believes that the root causes of the "halt" in Sino German competitiveness while highlighting Germany’s "sense of crisis", worried about the loss of advantage, for fear of being Chinese beyond. In Germany, Chinese enterprises of cooperation with Germany, largely in order to obtain the key technology, occupy the world market. The introduction of SIEMENS technology in China’s high-speed rail has become an example of its often cited. The current slowdown in global economic growth, Germany is more emphasis on its leading position in the high-end manufacturing industry. Not only in Germany, but also in other countries, Germany’s high technology will help China improve its strength. For example, in the acquisition of Ace strong case, the German government has received from the US intelligence information, "said technology can be used for military and nuclear industry", which is related to "national security", but it is more like an excuse. In fact, there are many German politicians and scholars of related events rose to national political level, look at the behavior of enterprise political vision. Deputy director of the center for research on Chinese German Mukato Conrad believes that similar acquisitions "political purpose"; German Deputy Prime Minister and economy minister Gabriel called for response involving Germany and Europe have the strategic significance of the implementation of protection technology. The root of these ideas is still known as the "China threat theory"". On the other hand, the so-called "economic and trade relations status is not equal" is also an important reason for a series of negative practices in germany. Germany is open to the Chinese market degree is not satisfied, Premier Merkel will visit each mention of this problem, Chinese asked the government to abolish the "mandatory technology transfer", "foreign equity restrictions," said Germany has no restrictions for the enterprise. In fact, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the process of China’s market continues to accelerate, the activities of foreign capital to broaden the space. But the German side over the pursuit of absolute equivalence, the relative neglect of specific conditions. The halt is another important background of the acquisition, the EU will decide whether to recognize China’s market economy status in December 11th. This issue is very complex, the EU is still hotly debated. Germany, in principle, tends to support the recognition, but also supports the EU to develop new standards to continue to "punish" the existence of so-called dumping behavior of Chinese enterprises. Germany insists that many enterprises in Germany behind received government support and subsidies, similar to the acquisition of "improper and unfair". Gabriel wrote in the media the day before, "called on the EU to take a tougher stance towards China, to maintain fair competition". In this sensitive time to stop the acquisition, the same signal is sent to the Chinese, indicating that Germany’s economic relations between China and Germany, as well as many concerns exist. Overall, Sino German economic and trade relations, bilateral trade accounted for.相关的主题文章: