A new red carpet go play live cheats the Oujiang Wen Institute report bustling walk the red carpet "campus celebrity playing the hottest live, lead the majority of parents and students understand the campus, understand the professional growth of University; special custom cheats and fraud prevention manual, told the new how to grasp the four years of study; students and parents set on the red carpet, to press the start ball opening university tour……". In September 11th, although it was raining, but the Wenzhou University Oujiang College’s report to the scene was bustling, the new ad hoc activities, not only to let students feel the warmth of family, let this day become no longer ordinary. Playing live, always feel the "wonderful campus" in order to let the 16 freshmen understand the university study and life in advance, on September 10-12, from the Management Branch Campus celebrity "Lin quietly began webcast new classroom. Live content relates to campus life and learning, and introduces the anti fraud, covering all aspects of College life. Live "sister to come perspective for us to answer the question, but also very patient, the freshmen, their experience is very useful, I really love this live." Liu Xiao Liu said. In addition, the Communist Youth League school has also sent staff to visit the corresponding campus around, using a mobile phone to live, go to different professional venue, explanation for new students of various professional characteristics and different at the same time, in the curriculum content broadcast platform speech area sends the professional university for four years. A divided cheats, grasp the "University" learning time "you Scott, God of evil to you, postgraduate teachers teach you the podium and sister to teach you how to join the party……". Branch of grammar for new students carefully prepared a set formed in two dimensional code in the form of martial arts cheats, guide the students in the University for four years of cultivation, talent. The new classmate Huang said: "this by scanning the two-dimensional code to get the students experience a very novel way, look down, there are many useful suggestions. I will try my best to make myself as good as they are." At the same time, each branch of grammar still placed a freshman dormitory full version cheats volumes, hope to be able to let students know more about the profession, more quickly adjust the learning state, to greet the new beginning, the new harvest growth. In addition, the Polytechnic branch also report the site to set up the new report deceived items display area, while also drawing fangpian Yilabao, compiled the "Nine", will start a few content period easily deceived more intuitive display in front of the students, to tell students how to cheat. Walk the red carpet, always open "best tour" in civil engineering and Architecture Department to report the new site, students and parents together, in the "etiquette angel" under the guidance of the red carpet, in the report signed his name on the wall, to press the start ball opening university tour, over the full the "Star" addiction. Department of art design in the new site layout of the exhibition area, let each student, pick up the prepared brushes, drawing on a random scan, this is not only for the art students to provide a platform for self display, will also fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the students, learning through mining相关的主题文章: