A "Chongqing night" 5 infringement photographer self-study law to win the lawsuit yesterday, Yubei District Yuxi, all show their shot infringing works. On the afternoon of 19, received a sum of 9999 yuan compensation for the 72 year old photographer Quan Yuxi account. This is the fifth time he has received damages. It turned out that he had experienced a hard shot in Nanshan, Chongqing night map, nearly 3 years have been infringed for the past 5 years. In order to safeguard their rights, he to my worship law students teacher consult legal knowledge, and self legal lawsuit, has been accepted the two victory over infringement, 3 other infringement by mediation has also been a corresponding compensation. Hard to take the whole night Nanshan Yuxi 72 year old, who lives in the New South Road, Yubei District, engaged in photographic work for more than 50 years, the Department of Chinese photographers association. Yesterday, the reporter saw this picture published in August 2007 "people’s pictorial" on the "Chongqing night" in whole Yuxi home, work entitled "love Chongqing" said, "compared to any time in the past ten years, Chongqing is a municipality directly under the central government changes the fastest development of ten years." He said, this picture was taken in late July 2006, about 3 pm the same day, he and two photographer carrying photographic equipment, a high temperature of 42 DEG C, trudging through the overgrown path to the Nanshan, see the clouds was particularly beautiful, they were about $30 thousand worth of Hasselblad started shooting. Finally, a camera to capture the Yuzhong Peninsula when the sky clouds floating lamps and candles of a myriad families, the magnificent landscape changes. "The day we have been photographed at 10 p.m., down the mountain, hungry to eat solid food." When fellow photographer Mr. Zhou recalled that on the way down, just for more than a year of whole liver Yuxi several times almost slipped, "making the Chongqing night, can say he is experienced the hardships." After returning home, the whole subject will be brought to Hongkong Yuxi film washing. In August 2007, the "people’s pictorial" published this photo caused a sensation throughout the country, has been the Guangming Daily, Chongqing daily published have been reproduced, the number of portals and dozens of other web references. The Yuxi higher visibility in the country and Fujian, and some other university who also invited him to speak photography. The teacher students worship self-study law however, since the beginning of 2013, the whole Yuxi found in the unit without his consent, not even signed under the condition that the theft of his this picture for commercial publicity. "In the beginning, we are going to ask a lawyer to fight infringement lawsuit, the other party may feel meaningful, indifferent." The Yuxi wife Ms. Feng said, in March 2013, she accompanied her husband to the Yubei campus of the Southwest University of Political Science and Law, dedicated to the 3 college students from the legal profession consult. "The students were very enthusiastic, not only to teach me to write an indictment, but also to take me to the school library to consult the legal books." The Yuxi said, then he in the online learning legal knowledge, know the importance of evidence in an infringement case, and in the two days before the trial, all the evidence collected carry off all that one has classify them. Court since the fight to win infringement lawsuit, you see this cloud, it is the shape of the rapidly changing, different.相关的主题文章: