69 year old candidates to participate in the national judicial examination called brain fitness (Figure) at the age of 69 just before the end of the national judicial examination. Intern reporter Huang Huan photo Hualong September 24th 12:43 news (intern reporter Huang Huan) 24, the first national judicial examination at the end of the 11:30 exam this year, the oldest 69 years old candidates said they participate in the judicial examination just out of interest, to test learning in peacetime, look to the brain "fitness" results. From Shapingba District in the first official is a judicial examination this year to participate in the age of the largest, at the age of 69, he told reporters, to take the exam just for their own interests, to test their usual legal achievement. Before he retired, he had been engaged in legal work. I do not have to work, but like to learn these, the national law in the continuous improvement and development, to participate in the judicial examination is to test the best way to learn my results." In the first official smiled and said. It is reported that this is the first official Mr. fourth to participate in the judicial examination, he felt this year than last year or some difficult questions, judicial examination was more flexible, can not rely on memory, and to study the law, it is a kind of "fitness" his mind in motion. And 11 points ahead of you out of Jiang Junzhi, from the Southwest University of Political Science and Law examinee, feel or no problem "" the first test contrary to expectation, the topic is mainly legal knowledge, wide range, usually study did not grasp the key, but also not too difficult." The reporter learned that, in the choice of No. 24 and No. 25 in the morning before the exam is three volume, relates to the socialist concept of rule of law and the law, economic law, criminal law, mainly master the knowledge points of the candidates. The 25 test in the afternoon is a case study, combined with legal knowledge to examine the flexible application of candidates. (responsibility editor: Desert white)相关的主题文章: