6 year old boy in the Northeast Tiger Park for help, my father lost!" Said the last day of the holiday with a child to see the tiger, the results of the meeting in front of the Tiger Park acquaintances, but his son was forgotten in the roadside. To find the father, 6 year old Xiaoxuan find the police for help, "my dad got lost, I can’t find him!" On the morning of 7, Songbei patrol auxiliary police are on duty in front of the Siberian Tiger Park, a five or six year old boy, "uncle, I can’t find dad, dad got lost!" Because the temperature is relatively low, so the police let the police on the boy. Asked that, the 6 year old boy named Lucas. Lucas said, Dad says holiday to take him to see the tiger, the morning drive to Tiger Park, dad is going to buy tickets, did not expect the father soon disappeared, he waited for a long time did not see the father came back, went to the police here. Asked the boy’s father’s name, the auxiliary police came to the Tiger Park to find managers to help them find the radio. A few minutes later, a man hurriedly ran to the police patrol near the Xiaoxuan hold down. Originally, Mr. Lin Hsuan’s father with his son came to the tiger park. Coincidentally, he met an old acquaintance at the door, two people have not met for a long time, happy to chat up. Later, Mr. Lin’s friends said they would go to buy a ticket, Mr. Lin also went to buy a ticket, so they came to the ticket office, bought a ticket into the Tiger Park, take the children to forget things in the back. Until I heard the broadcasting, Mr. Lin just lost my son. In thanks to the auxiliary police, Mr. Lin Re entered the Tiger Park with Xiaoxuan hold. (author: Zhang Jianfei correspondent, Zhang Mingchao)相关的主题文章: