Willber Pan avowed feelings of failure and ah Sa gossip about Willber Pan provoke hilarious Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the singer Willber Pan Tia Lee, [micro-blog] 14 days for a hair salon opening platform press conference, Willber Pan for the store money investment, quite business minded him, also investment tide brand, Teppanyaki and so on, but asked about the feelings of immediately, he said: "I think I do other things is also OK, but the feeling is failure." And those with a Sa wearing the same mask was rumored, Willber Pan said that Rainie Yang [micro-blog] and other friends from hundreds of messages concerned, after seeing the plane straight to the point: "I thought that was the" Golden Bell award!" Let the scene media laugh. Willber Pan said there is no special feelings of sustenance, all the natural period, but also looked at the side of the Tia Lee said: "how do you know that one day… Right?" She seems to forget the "spoken", meaning that the scene laugh. Previously he and a Sa due to wearing the same mask and Po micro-blog rumored, he felt it a little funny, "the day to see her put the photos, I was also on the plane wearing masks, made by micro-blog, the results of three hours off the plane, see more than and 100 mobile phone text messages, I want to say I have to the Golden Bell award? Rainie Yang also came to ask me." Willber Pan said his emotional state of nature, was asked how long he has been reluctant to respond to a single, and who had previously been reported contact with wealthy daughter, two people present particularly curious, "to do some meaningful things that can also be attention, when artists hope to spread positive energy to everyone." As for the progress of life events? He said: "students (children) must be born, knot is bound to knot, but when do not know." ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: