Expert: Chinese consumers have enough influence to change the global consumption patterns, China’s consumption habits will promote enterprise innovation, leading the new trend of global consumption. At the same time, China’s consumers living in the digital age, they interact directly with businesses, and guide businesses continue to bring forth new ideas, promote social innovation and development." Relevant analyst said. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued "on the promotion of new consumption play an active leading role in accelerating the development of the formation of new power supply scheme of the new division of the implementation of the priority tasks" (hereinafter referred to as the "division of labor" notice on scheme) in economic development under the new normal full play the leading role and new consumption to meet the needs of the residents are given specific guidance. "Plan" to clear division of labor, the national development and Reform Commission as the lead unit, promote the new pattern of the new consumption hot spots, consumption as the main content of the consumption upgrade, lead related industries, infrastructure and public services investment grew rapidly. Professor, School of economics, Zhejiang Gongshang University, said in an interview that China’s consumer spending through several stages of upgrading has become an important engine to lead and promote China’s economic growth. After housing, cars, travel, study abroad and other consumption, information, games, pension, health care and so will become a new area of rapid expansion of consumption. "For all levels of government, and actively cultivate new growth points of consumption, and to promote the formation and expansion of emerging industries, is a stable national and regional economic growth and promote a very important starting point for economic transformation and upgrading. The national development and Reform Commission issued the relevant documents before the deployment and promote related work is very meaningful." It is noteworthy that the latest report is expected, China’s considerable consumer development prospects, will become a new engine of global growth. China’s urban population and revenue will continue to grow; from now until 2030, 700 Chinese cities will generate $7 trillion, equivalent to the global demand for the huge increase in consumption of 30%. At the same time, China’s per capita consumption expenditure will rise from $4800 to $10700 by 2030. By then, in the world every $1 in urban consumer spending, China’s consumption will contribute 12 cents. Related analysts said that China’s development is not easy to transition to the consumer, but also faces many challenges. However, more and more rich, more and more high degree of self-confidence education, more and more strong China consumers have enough influence to change the way the world consumption, this change even greater than the western "baby boom" generation made at the peak of the contribution.相关的主题文章: