Ali CEO Zhang Yong: the user consumption impulse, real economy to keep up with ALI CEO Zhang Yong Phoenix Technology News October 30th news, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong this afternoon to return to his alma mater Shanghai University of Finance and Economics speech, successful experience with financial industry alumni and students share their way to the. Zhang Yong said that everyone has different experiences and opportunities for young people, to learn to look at the future trend, to determine the upcoming changes, and in accordance with the trend of life planning. "The best investment is to invest in yourself, but the investment is not planned, but to try out. No one can plan 20 years to go, because the market and social changes are more than we imagine." He said, in his college had to give up bank offer to Andersen, the Internet has just appeared in China, also see enormous opportunities behind, give up to become Andersen partners the opportunity to join the e-commerce. At that time, e-commerce has just begun, I think everyone needs e-commerce. The general people in Shanghai do not want to leave Shanghai, but I still had to go to Hangzhou." As a suggestion to college students, Zhang Yong believes that today’s campus is a reflection of society, college students to use this platform to develop the ability to learn and learn, in order to adapt to a variety of changes out of the campus. "Give yourself a little bit of discomfort, do something unfamiliar, take on a little bit of risk, so what, and ultimately bring yourself an unexpected development and future?." Good at looking for opportunities from the challenge of the same applies to enterprises. Zhang Yong believes that the rapid development of e-commerce today, everyone is a consumer, hundreds of millions of users to upgrade the impulse of consumption, the real economy can not keep up. "This is a challenge for the entire Chinese economy today, and tomorrow is a great opportunity." Referring to the upcoming double eleven, Zhang Yong believes that the spirit of the Internet is the embodiment of the spirit of the double. "Double eleven is essentially all Resonance Sounding in a day, the consumer demand and the demand for the expected guide happened one day, then the supply of integration to this day, so as to realize the supply and demand matching in the peak point. In fact, the principle behind the internet. The Internet is doing this thing, the cost is much lower than the Internet era."相关的主题文章: