Hashi real estate intermediary dishonesty will be credited to the credit archives establishment of black list newspaper news (reporter Han Liping) reporter from the Harbin Municipal Housing Authority was informed that, recently, the Bureau issued a "notice" on the further strengthening of issues related to management of real estate brokerage institutions, administrative requirements of Harbin in regional real estate brokerage institutions and their branches shall be in after obtaining the business license from the date of filing to the Department in charge of real estate administration within 30 days of harbin. It is understood that the "notice" requirements, by name, real estate brokerage agencies for the record and the branches of the domicile or legal representative (executive partner) or person in charge, registered capital, real estate brokers, and filing, alteration, cancellation, revocation, publicity to the community through the administrative department of real estate portal to provide reference for the selection of the masses real estate brokerage agency service. At the same time, in the real estate brokerage institutions to apply for the record, to provide all the agency personnel engaged in the brokerage business information (including qualified brokers and other practitioners), and the real name registration. At the same time, the real estate brokerage institutions and their branches shall be in the business premises of eye-catching publicity include business license and filing documents; service items, contents and standards; business process; fees, in accordance with the standard content of transaction fund supervision mode. In addition, the "notice" requirements to improve the real estate brokers and real estate brokers credit file system, the establishment of good faith black list".相关的主题文章: