90 after college students do not buy lipstick not buy a pack of temples in Hongdong murals # doing two years I # one day when the repair repair mural mural mural piaoranerzhi a wisp of a white dress young educated graceful bearing or outstanding military exploits the valor of the general said the boy is valiant and heroic in bearing you that night Changan lights to me with a smile of the women’s general said you exchange solemn vows and pledges. I won at this meeting not only in front of the princess to accompany you when you repair the mural in a silent time – Guo Jia Sina micro-blog @ FLOWER FLOWER FLOWER Guo sticky from micro-blog, you shout "there was a mountain, the mountain there was a temple, the temple has a small flower, in the micro-blog said" small flower she has Zhang Meili’s face, but in a city far away from the Temple deep in the mountains to climb up and down, take two murals. She graduated from the College of Visual Arts of Fudan University in Shanghai, because of love and faith, from the bustling city to Shanxi Guangsheng temple at the foot of Mount Holyoke. Just over two years of her, because of a micro-blog named # I entered people’s field of vision in Hongdong murals # topic, the domestic cultural relics protection industry "red net". She is Guo Jia. She said, "repair is a practice." The earliest edification from the devout Buddhist grandmother into the restoration of cultural relics, for Guo Jia is more like a decreed by fate. In the work of Guo Jia temple. Grandma was a Buddhist, grandma brought her from the small Buddhist culture. Really make her like the relics of high school history textbooks. The different attitude history textbook illustrations, so he learned she is interested in painting. Graduated from high school, admitted to the Fudan University, Shanghai,, according to the interest of the selected cultural relics protection professional Guo Jia. She is in the direction of ceramic repair, in the huge Fudan, just a rather niche there. Graduated from college in 2013, almost no hesitation, Guo Jia returned to his hometown of Shanxi, Taiyuan. A work, she was sent to the Mount Holyoke in Hongdong County of Linfen city at the foot of the Guangsheng temple in mural restoration. So, she became one of that university students in a few not diverted, also became the only engaged in the mural restoration. Graduated from university to work, Guo Jia was sent to the Shanxi Linfen Hongdong county at the foot of Mount Holyoke in Guangsheng temple mural restoration. Someone asked her why she chose this job, Guo Jia said with a smile "will not do anything else". "For a long time, can not work, can every day to the cultural relics, Guo Jia felt satisfied. Guo Jia’s parents are open-minded, and not too much interference in her choice. Friends also believe that the work of cultural relics more suitable for Guo Jia. In a friend, Guo Jia itself is relatively quiet, not noisy, many cultural relics in the Temple deep in the mountains, quiet quiet environment is good for her. "For two years I have been a quick" rush to the temple to go Guo Jia. Have a history of nearly 2000 Guangsheng temple, located in Taiyuan 220 km from the Hongdong County of Linfen city at the foot of Mount Holyoke. The cold temple hall, wood rot, mildew infestation in the air, in the meantime, to be anti haze masks to wear thick clothes, with high-tech. Every time I go to Guo Jia in the temple, a stay for more than a month. "Repair mural this thing, very slow, careful, every disease should be dealt with, not omission, hundreds of thousands of holes of different sizes, a day filled.相关的主题文章: