Million people selected: the strongest exchange of anime characters TOP20 after a week of voting and statistics, the station on Sunday, the list of thousands of people on schedule released! The theme of this ranking is: who do you think is the most powerful cartoon character? Speaking of communication ability of synonyms, you might think of "mouth", but the exchange ability of the people is not completely "small mouth experts" oh! Strong communication skills, can both seem to go. So, the Japanese netizens believe that the strongest communication ability of the cartoon characters in the end who is it, Penguin mother this will reveal the answer! Pro who come to see, these Japanese friends to choose the strongest ability to communicate the cartoon characters, do you like the list? Come to evaluate, this ranking in line with the standards of your mind? Champion: Ryotsu Nayoshi "kochikame" 419 votes may not all pro all know the nickname "two man", because "kochikame" is the "old time"! Such as the police officer, communication skills are necessary skills (I do not know why, suddenly reminded of the mother of the residents of the neighborhood aunt). However, let a two "communication skills" to play the place seems to be a bit delicate, we can often see him mess up the matter after the review. Promotion in the workplace is still far away, but the review has written a lot of books…… Well, write a review book what, when practicing writing! Runner up: Ash "demon treasure can dream" 369 votes at the protagonist with various animated Penguin mother hanging open, sometimes even think, as long as the protagonist aura, communication does not need the qualification examination (not this exam), the protagonist is eloquent how, satisfied to war! (Hello) Kathleen communication ability, may also include him in time for reflection and their inner dialogue! But Japanese friends, do you really don’t think about Picacho when you vote? Penguin Niang is to think of Picacho’s communication skills class ah, as long as he pickup pickup, everyone has been Meng, have been conquered. This communication ability, is how tough ah! Third: water lamp "Mercury pilot" 335 votes more often in contact with other people, the more need for communication skills! If you struck the gondola, carrying guests swimming in the water, but in addition to the "where are you going" "received" "this is your change beyond what words will not say, that is how embarrassing! To know the pilot task not only include boating, cure visitors heart! The gentle tone, coupled with the heart of the people to make the tour into a spiritual wash…… Do not speak, how can a good navigator, you say it! Fourth: baodeng beloved "would you like some rabbit today? "After 297 tickets to see the top of the winning candidate, the penguins will certainly feel mother who many service industries elected, this list was" little rabbit "It is as expected, the beloved baodeng won fourth place! Don’t say a maid cafe, even if it’s just a regular coffee shop, communication skills are a must. After all, the cafe is not willing to work – wheat – based, you can wait for the guests to report to you they want]相关的主题文章: