Luohe 22 villages were selected in 2017 the beautiful rural pilot has your home recently, the Provincial Department of Finance announced in Henan Province in 2017 beautiful rural construction pilot project list, the city’s 22 villages selected. The city of Luohe province in 2017 in the beautiful countryside construction pilot project counties project name Luohe city Linying County Fancheng Hui town of Luohe city Linying County town of Luohe County of Linying City Wo Guo Xiang Hu Qiao Cun, Luohe City, Linying County, Luohe City, Linying County, Wang Meng Zhen Chen Zhuang Xiang Luohe County of Linying City, three Dian Zhen Luohe Yuanhui District asked the ten township of Luohe Yuanhui District Liu Zhen Da Chen Cun, Luohe City, Yuanhui District dry river community Chen Ge Dang Liu Cun Luohe Yuanhui District Dry River Community Village Chen Pu Cun Luohe Yuanhui District Yin and Yang Zhao Zhen Xia Wei Cun Luohe Yuanhui District Yin and Yang Zhao Zhen Cheng Zhuang Cun, Luohe City, town, Yancheng District taking Luohe Yancheng District Meng Miao Zhen Luohe Yancheng district towns Pei Luohe Yancheng District Li Ji Zhen Luohe Zhaoling nest town of Luohe City Youth Shaoling district town of Luohe City Zhaoling Ji Shi Zhen Luohe Xiang Zhen Ge Tang Zhaoling Zhang Dang village of Luohe City Zhang Cun Deng Xiang Zhen wa Zhaoling Luohe City Zhaoling Deng Xiang Zhen Guo Zhuang Cun Luohe buddies find your home? 22 villages will inevitably lead to a better life in Luohe! (Luohe daily)相关的主题文章: