The inflatable doll hanging on the tree was deserted by the residents mistakenly thought it was hanged tree hanging a "doll" let me put the eye? "No matter how good the community, but also the quality of the people can be low but the strength of the scourge ah! I hope every owner can take care of the whole park as much as I love my family." The morning of September 22nd, Washington Dan County residential property owners group "fryer", cause someone to take a first look scary, look carefully but people can not bear to look photos. Scared: morning someone within the district "hanging"? "I went out this morning to go to work, go to the area near the middle of the green belt, looked up a scare!" The morning of September 22nd, the district residents Zhang told the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Tucao, "one’s toes point, hanging in a tree, I thought it was hanged!" Can be a closer look, Mr. Zhang’s face has become a burst of red white. "Embarrassed, it’s embarrassing!" Mr. Zhang shook his head, "I almost alarm, thanks to a closer look, or too embarrassed!" Originally, Mr. Zhang is a hit with the people, not to commit suicide, but a highly realistic "inflatable doll". Embarrassed: "doll" show "doll although destructive to the morals" on the body with a scarf, but still very exposed, see really embarrassing. Soon, inflatable doll in the district residents caused a sensation. "Some people have a special hobby, that can understand. Can such a private thing, how can show in a public occasion under?" Some residents said, "doll" is not wrong, but not so publicly. Some residents expressed strong indignation. "I sent my child to kindergarten in the morning, and the child asked me what it was. I could only tell her that she was a model of a clothing store." A male owners district said, "I looked at a man Tate blush, the impact on children is not much good." There are some unknown to the elderly residents in the understanding of the use of inflatable doll ", quickly turned around, his mouth kept saying:" shouldn’t put it in here, this is not destructive to the morals?" Complain: fitness equipment into a "Sun artifact" even "doll" discovered the cell belongs to a relatively extreme case, but in some seemingly insignificant uncivilized phenomenon, also can make people frequently scratching their heads. Since the beginning of autumn, the sky was clear, humid heat also has receded. Many people begin to prepare for the winter, dry bedding is one of them. "Since the beginning of autumn, the day can not exercise in the area of the fitness equipment." Who lives in a district of Huanggu Aunt Li said, "someone is basking in the fitness equipment, until the sun was away." At this time, just an aunt holding the body was to come to the front of the fitness equipment, winter was big and heavy, the family simply can not open the drying racks, can only hold here to the sun, there is no room for the late!" Some residents also said that although the fitness equipment on the sun is not appropriate, but the residents of the quilt is not easy to live. To this end, there are residential residents proposal: can we recommend to the property in the District opened a special "sun was"? For example, in some sunny platform, pull wire, clothesline, for residents in these areas focus on drying clothing, so you can avoid living.相关的主题文章: