Chongqing 15655 sets of public rental Yaohao rental with the results of the release of the results of the public rental Yaohao scene, the guests confirmed yaohao. Intern Yang Zhengdong photo Hualong September 27th 15:15 news (reporter Intern She Zhenfang Yang Zhengdong) today (27) afternoon, Chongqing urban district sixteenth public rental Yaohao with rent held in Hualong, the city of 15655 units of public rental housing yaohao. Do you shake the number? Tonight, you can log in Hualong network query Yaohao rental results. Participate in the Yaohao applicants for September 19 before submission of the application and through the examination of the applicant, a total of 48848 households, 15655 units of public rental with rent, rental housing mainly concentrated in the park, the beautiful peninsula Ichange? Sunshine home, parks and other public rental community airport. The applicant can rent tonight to query by Hualong network, can also be through the city of Chongqing public rental housing information network, Chongqing public rental housing WeChat public number and in September 28th the "Chongqing daily" query, query or call the China Telecom 114. This Yaohao rent houses in some houses Park, Yijing Peninsula? Airport Park and beautiful sunshine home 3 public rental housing area, the remaining houses until after the expiration of the publicity, which is arranged to move. City Council public rental with rent will be sent in the notice, please obtain rent applicants of the check, and according to the provisions of timely to the District Housing Management Center check-in.相关的主题文章: