Dried food! The 16 sentence to help you understand the six plenary session Bulletin – Sohu news the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee closing yesterday. A new formulation in the communique of the conference is striking: "the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core". Xi Jinping, general secretary of the people’s daily, said: in the practice of the great struggle, the general secretary has become the core of the Party Central Committee and the core of the whole party. Of course, in addition to the phrase "core", there are still a lot of life inside the party, inner-party supervision, the same is worth remembering. May wish to draw on other content Bulletin: senior cadres must set an example of senior cadres especially the central leadership members must set an example, abide by the party constitution, abide by the party’s political discipline and political rules, to forget the beginning of the heart, continue to adhere to the first, under the above rate, in order to make a model of the whole society. In front of the ambiguous attitude can not be major issues issues of right and wrong party members and cadres, particularly senior cadres in front of major issues issues of right and wrong ambiguous attitude, can not shake the basic political position, can not be swayed by false statements. To be honest, loyal to the party organizations at all levels and all Party members and Party must be loyal to the party honest, honorable, honest, honest, honest people do, truthfully reflect and report to the party, against the duplicitous, both sides of the people, against false, false and exaggerated, opposed to conceal the truth and the bad news. No forced subordinates said leading organs and leading cadres are not allowed to lie for any reason and nominal connivance, instigate, implied or forced to lower lying. The party are not allowed to engage in lalacheche, chuichuipaipai, curry favour. The propaganda of leaders should be practical and realistic. Never allow the official master to ask the government to the people, ask for people to ask for the people, and never allow opinionated, in front of the masses domineering, never allow the official master, ignoring the sufferings of the masses, but does not allow the oppression of the masses, damage and encroach upon the interests of the masses. Accountability "image project" to engage all harass the people and waste money "image project" and "political project" behavior, to serious accountability accountability, in accordance with the law to deal with.相关的主题文章: