Google VR helmet experience on the whole good but there are three shortcomings of Tencent digital news (An An) in the Android 7 Upgrade Nougat, Google also released the Daydream VR, though, the first version of the Nougat operating system installed on the Nexus device does not include the VR element, then Google has not really launched Daydream helmet. Pixel and Pixel XL launch, the installation of the Android 7.1 Nougat system, then Daydream VR to reveal the true colors. I have tried the Daydream View helmet, as a mobile VR products, Daydream View is a big step forward, but the problem is still a lot of. The advantages of excellent design, comfortable use: Daydream View is a favorite VR helmet, this is no doubt. Cloth cover is very soft, feel very comfortable, helmet mounted flexible rubber frame, not too heavy, not too clumsy. Gear VR is made of plastic, some of which are heavy and strange. Google hinge type simple mobile phone operation will ring fixed in the helmet, simple and easily enter Daydream VR mode. Daydream View looks like a shoe, but it is a beautiful shoes. Supported devices: currently only Pixel and Pixel XL support Daydream View, this situation will not last long. Unlike Samsung Gear VR, Google’s VR helmet is not exclusive. With Android 7.1, any mobile phone as long as the specific requirements can be supported Daydream View. What are the specific requirements? The processor must be strong enough, can also render two 60fps video, the screen resolution of at least 1080p, the delay time is less than 3 milliseconds, afterglow time (Persistence) must be less than 5 milliseconds, Bluetooth 4.2 LE. Specifically, the midrange, high-end mobile phones can support. In a year, all the flagship Android phone should be able to support Daydream VR. Controller: Daydream View with Bluetooth controller, when we enter the VR mode, the controller will quickly match with the phone. We can see the controller as a virtual laser pointer, which can interact with the target in the VR world. There is also a trackpad on the controller, so there are actually two ways to interact. Compared with Gear VR, Daydream View brings a sense of immersion is more intense, Gear VR mounted on the side of the helmet of the awkward track plate. Disadvantages narrow vision: vision for VR immersion is crucial. Unfortunately, Daydream View vision is not good, only about 90 degrees, and other systems, like Daydream View can not fully fill our vision. For example, the latest version of Gear VR vision only 100.相关的主题文章: