This is Nicholas Tse in love? 18 hours in the kitchen [Abstract] in the past six months is also writing recipes, food is now of great significance to me, if there are 18 hours a day, it should be there for about 16 hours in the kitchen." Nicholas Tse Nicholas Tse as the father of longevity also visit the son said to enjoy the happiness of a family union Tencent entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, the Nicholas Tse show "Twelve Feng taste" (watch) the launch has been very popular, in addition to the contents of the sun a good cook, each set were invited guests also have the component fine place, last week broadcast the contents of Nicholas, father Xie Xian was appointed as guests, in fact, the current video festival, Xie Xian accident not long, the body has not fully recovered, Nicholas said: "when he comes, or cracked ribs, immediately went to the doctor after he returned to Hongkong, a few days can not move, but the old urchin and he will hold in the heart, will not be happy, must be angry, elderly people are afraid that people think he is useless." Although often not in Hong Kong, but Nicholas a free will to cook for the family, talked about the high demand for food on him, how to treat yourself? Nicholas said: "every month at the beginning of fifteen, also a vegetarian, every week to do a dark cuisine, is not to buy vegetables also don’t add something in the refrigerator, do some things to eat, if not very good collocation, it is dark." Has been concentrate on studying the recipe he should not hear these days, said his new album, called: "nearly half a year in writing recipes, delicacy of me now is of great significance, if 18 hours a day, it should be 16 hours in the kitchen."相关的主题文章: