Hubei Xiangyang millennium love lock   lock; two double coffin unearthed in between painting and calligraphy — original title: Hubei Xiangyang millennium love lock two lock double coffin unearthed in between "Yan" copper lock in September 28, 2016, Hubei city of Xiangyang Province, the three countries exhibited a early "Yan" copper lock. These two pieces of copper lock 8 years ago unearthed in the Fancheng area of the city is a large dish three couple tombs. According to the experts, this is a grave tomb owner admirals liehou level slightly lower, male and female has buried tomb. Unearthed pottery, porcelain, iron, copper, silver, gold, tin, lacquer, jade, agate, crystal stone, bone, glass and amber etc. more than 200 pieces of cultural relics. The copper lock is 13.2 cm wide and 6.6 cm thick, equivalent to the size of a business card size of 3.1. The front and back edge trim sawtooth lock, a script "Yan" inscription, meaning the locksmith surnamed Yan production processing. From the texture and workmanship of the lock, very delicate, can be called the representative of the spirit of the craftsman. And the lock is known as "heart to heart" lock the excellences, two year lock double coffin unearthed in between, and not with the practical objects together, archaeological experts speculated that the two tomb still want to continue for a couple in the underworld, given its "heart". (commissioning editor: Dong Zilong, Lu Jing)相关的主题文章: