The college entrance examination paper examination October 9th art professional online registration yesterday, the Sichuan provincial education examination released my 2017 art admissions policies, including sports, art and design, music, drama, film and dance class. Network registration will begin in October 9th, while the education department also announced the examination time, place, project, enrollment, etc.. First, the cultural examination registration culture examination registration includes online registration, on-site confirmation and online payment 3 stages. 1, to meet the requirements for the candidates, on account of the location of the county (city, district) recruitment office issued a username and password, in October 9th 8:00 to 13 12:00, log on to the city state recruitment office designated registration website on the web site, according to the prompts and truthfully I fill out the registration information. 2 candidates, after the success of online registration, certification materials of high school graduates holding my ID card by the school or organization to where the school issued the previous students that holding my ID card, diploma or equivalent education of senior middle school, in October 17th 8:00 to 19, 17:00 to the county (city, district) recruitment office the scene confirmed. 3, the completion of the site to confirm the candidates, should be on October 21st 8:00 to 23 17:00 login registration website for art and sports culture examination registration fee online payment. Two, the professional examination registration of professional examination including online registration, online payment and online print ticket 3 stages. The test was born in November 1, 2016 8:00 to 4, 17:00 log on to the Sichuan provincial education examination website (), completed the professional examination online registration, payment on the website of tips and requirements, no longer repay overdue. In three, the examination time and place of the 1 sports places: examination focused on Chengdu Sport University. Address: Chengdu City, Wuhou District Institute of Road No. 2, time: the first batch of Deyang City, Mianyang City, Guangyuan City, Guang’an City, Dazhou City, Bazhong City, Ya’an City, Ganzi, ABA, Chengdu City, Panzhihua City, the examinee, April 6, 2017 report, receive the "Handbook", on April 7th to 10 exam. The second batch of Suining City, Neijiang City, Leshan City, Nanchong City, Yibin City, Meishan City, Ziyang City, Liangshan Prefecture, Zigong City, Luzhou City, the examinee, April 11, 2017 report, receive the "Handbook", on April 12th to 15 exam. 2 music class at the Sichuan Conservatory Of Music (Chengdu New Road No. 6) examination, candidates in the afternoon of January 7th and familiar with the solfeggio music written exam, written examination subjects other familiar with the afternoon of January 6th. January 7th to 8, the professional written examination subjects, from January 9th to 20 for professional interview subjects examination. 3 drama, film, dance classes from December 18, 2016 to 27 for professional interview subjects. Director of professional candidates on the morning of December 18, 2016, familiar with the written examination examination, written examination this afternoon. Written examination subjects of the examination time, place and other arrangements on the professional admission ticket.相关的主题文章: