Wrapped in a chubby only attractive! Pantyhose day to send you a feast of stockings to the cold winter season, many woman would choose to wear warm pantyhose. Yesterday (November 2nd) but the island "pantyhose day (Institute of Japan and their)". Many users are very actively upload photos of pantyhose. Then the two dimensional or three dimensional pantyhose you love more? Let’s have a look. Also called Tights Pantyhose, tights or stockings pants is tightly wrapped from the waist to the foot of the body clothing, most pantyhose are designed for women to wear. Pantyhose comfort and convenience to women around the world have added to its favor. With stockings, pantyhose material lot, with cotton, nylon, velvet, silk, wool and other core. We will take a look at the views of netizens. "Island netizens always need moisture in men, showers of rain! Pantyhose, seagull!" "Why Island Congress has so many strange holiday? But I love it." Not long ago, just after the "black silk day" has now become "pantyhose," sure enough nutrition express not ah!" "Come on! Let the black silk and pantyhose come more fiercely, I also go!" The two dimension is more obscure and more beautiful. I love the two dimension of pantyhose." Then you love more gentleman is two element or three yuan pantyhose? May wish to leave a message to tell her mother. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: