15 Tsinghua students tell you what the top Curve Wrecker recently, Tsinghua University held a grand undergraduate scholarship board, 15 candidates from 38 people reporting to share their experiences growing up talent shows itself. Tsinghua University is the highest honor awarded special scholarship school students, twenty students annually awards the most outstanding performance, including ten undergraduates, ten graduate students. The 15 students involved in the defense can be said to be the top school tyrants, everyone has a prominent performance in their respective fields. Many netizens said, for such a school tyrants, we can only look up". Zhang Rui?, Department of mechanical engineering, Stanford University, California Berkeley students visiting scholars, four published SCI and international conference, an international conference presentation, complete the three total 58 pages, 16000 word English independent academic report. Professor Standford commented: "Rui a summer research results more than a lot of our graduate students a year’s results." Li Yang, Department of Mathematical Sciences, elective courses in Mathematics for more than 100 credits, the first grade in the first grade of three years. School organization more mathematical seminar, academic department published "Hesi" editor. In 2016 some of the mathematics contest for college students personal applications and computational mathematics direction of gold and the highest honor — individual all-around gold medal. Hou Jue, School of humanities, total credits professional ranked first. Besides English, learn Japanese and French, ancient Greek and ancient hebrew. Went to Oxford, Yale, Chicago University communication, C-E translation of academic works more than ten million words. Join the international exchange, walk 41 countries and regions, the academic and cross-cultural practice closely. [1] Zhang Xiaosheng, Department of precision instruments, academic performance of three ranked first in the whole year, has been a national scholarship for two consecutive years. The project is responsible for undergraduate academic research to promote the plan, the North Chong, a national project, in the SCI journal published two papers, a software copyright authorization. He won the two challenge cup of Tsinghua University, and the other one of the three prizes. Zhang Zewen, Institute of materials, national scholarship. To carry out the scientific research of materials and chemical engineering, to solve the practical problems of lithium sulfur battery system with the design of "parents" collaborative interface, and issue the Advanced Materials. Former Tsinghua undergraduate academic advancement program, the person in charge, the future graphene applications team vice captain. School Challenge Cup first prize. Where, School of the environment, for two consecutive years won the national scholarship. Enrolled in the university student academic research promotion program, access to 200 thousand research funding support. Attended international conferences and made oral presentations. The two Challenge Cup prize, Tsinghua University sports excellence award. President of the student union of the Environmental Institute, the Institute has been awarded the size of the horse cup championship. Xu Hongzhi, School of Social Sciences, has received a number of scholarship; and to participate in the project "left-behind children and migrant children’s social mobility comparative study", "Internet plus about rental legalized road" issue and practical project; won the Fourteenth National Challenge Cup Grand Prize and the challenge cup award, 2016 Tsinghua public case the contest first prize. [2]]相关的主题文章: