Shandong Province, the first rural carbon crystal heating Summit Forum held in Ji’nan – Shandong Channel – September 30 Ji’nan Xinhua, recently, Shandong province the first rural carbon crystal heating forum held in Shandong Luxin hall building, experts and scholars from the national China Electric Power Research Institute, far infrared testing center, Shandong Province Jian Lu urban and rural development center, Shandong provincial Party school, Shandong Province Education Foundation and the Shandong County municipalities of grass-roots leadership, rural community cadres, school representatives of a total of more than and 160 people together to discuss the feasibility and Prospect of Shandong rural carbon crystal heating. The meeting by the Shandong Province Jian Lu rural development center, Shandong provincial Party School "project of Shandong Province carbon crystal electric heating industry development research group, as Shandong Electronics Technology Co., CO sponsored by the Shandong provincial government, aims to respond to the call, and suggestions to solve the problem of heating to rural areas of the province. China Electric Power Research Institute of energy efficiency research institute deputy director Guo Bingqing from the national policy to encourage and guide the view about carbon crystal heating in coal to electricity policy on the development prospects and advantages, pointed out that in the promotion of environmental protection, energy saving carbon crystal electric warming in rural areas has epoch-making significance and feasibility. Has participated in various kinds of program research and demonstration of rural heating transformation of Shandong Province, Shandong Province, director of the center for the development of urban and rural development Shao Xiquan in contrast to explain the advantages of carbon crystal electric heating in solving the problem of rural heating. He said that the carbon crystal electric heating in the original investment, product safety, low operating costs, environmental protection and long life, beauty and other aspects have a strong market development advantage. Shandong Dexiang electrical science and technology limited company chairman, party secretary Miu Feng said that as the carbon crystal electric heating industry well-known enterprises, like making appliances involved in a number of national standards, in recent years, dozens of unique advantages of patents has been the province’s welfare homes, police, gas stations, widely accepted and used in kindergarten the rural primary and secondary schools, etc.. Shandong as a pioneer willing to do rural heating renovation work of the province, do the publicity and promotion work at the same time, all people will provide quality products and services for the rural rural carbon crystal heating heating work, the road is still very long, like in this way firmly down. Shandong Province Education Foundation Deputy Secretary General Zhai Daoshun as a special guest to speak, he said, like Shandong and Shandong Province Education Foundation began to cooperate to solve the heating problem of rural primary and secondary schools in 2013 proved that the installation like carbon crystal electric heating is the effective solution of the case, I hope the government can introduce reconstruction scheme of grid supporting as soon as possible, and that the education fund will be better with Shandong like to strengthen cooperation, the carbon crystal electric heating in the Shandong area of rural primary and secondary schools and kindergartens widely. (Dai Song Yanyan) (commissioning editor Wang Xiaolu and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: