99   2016 Beijing Chongyang Festival; festival culture and theatrical performances held in Beijing in October 9 people.com.cn people.com.cn Xinhua   sponsored by the capital Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee, the office of the CPC Mentougou District Committee, Mentougou District People’s government "Qingnuan Beijing? Love Chongyang 2016 Beijing Chongyang Festival art performance today at the Mentougou theater officially kicked off. The performances of "Song Festival", "blessings" and "song of health" and "love" as the theme, "during the continuation of the eleven Miao Feng Clifford? Miaofeng Mountain mountaineering Congress Chongyang gathered" good wishes and mind, the Double Ninth Festival for filial piety old, take a blessing of traditional folk and contemporary society the development of a harmonious and happy life of the people organically, through the wonderful show, offer a visual feast for the majority of older friends, filial piety and good feelings to carry forward the double ninth festival. The melodious dance, interpretation of Mentougou and secure Feng wide gathering of talents; poetry cadence, festival Xiaoyi, highlighting the cultural distant benevolence management. The pure and beautiful "Chongyang nursery rhyme", "Yongding River" leisurely mood, "Drum Dance"? The passionate emotion, the children on the expression of the elders with the blessing of the sincere words, with a wonderful dance out of the elders thanksgiving; China famous singer Wang Jieshi teacher also brought vigor "and" Bel cool melodious "Grandma’s Penghu bay" for the audience, to show the old people’s mental outlook and the valiant and heroic in bearing healthy life; "the letter", a generous exciting reading, showing the hero ancestors to protect our homes and defend our country brought by the Mentougou harmonious lofty sentiments and aspirations; the sound of Art Troupe "where are the time" passion, beautiful singing, gentle and delicate expression of the love of their parents; hip-hop burden shop "home", a piece of laughter, a parents the truth table As a touching message…… The Double Ninth Festival, a wonderful literary program will transfer positive energy of love "and" filial piety "to every member of the audience. (commissioning editor Chen Yuan and Huang Wei)相关的主题文章: