Changzhou women’s dissatisfaction with her ex boyfriend sichanlanda live to eat "sleeping pills" Yangzi Evening News Network November 8th news (reporter correspondent Kim Jun Zhang Bin) male and female friends emotional breakdown, say after each go well but sichanlanda an even highway, the plot is It is often seen. This is not a woman because of dissatisfaction with her ex boyfriend sichanlanda, actually live video sleeping pills. November 4th morning, Changzhou Street police station received a report that the friend just with his video, eat a lot of sleeping pills to commit suicide. Police immediately rushed to the police called the hotel, the man said he and his former girlfriend after breaking up or down, in the evening she dating software and video, but the former girlfriend very firmly, unwilling to composite, even directly picked up the bottles around the sleeping pills, to persuade Dutch act, then he swallowed a lot of pills in the bottle then, shut down the video, the man pull the black. Man suddenly scared, swallowed so many sleeping pills to the dead ah, immediately set off from Liyang to Changzhou city and reported to the police. Police into the room to check the woman, the woman was safe and sound, when asked whether or not to swallow sleeping pills, the woman said he was just to scare her ex boyfriend told him not to pester himself, he was eating fruits and vegetables. The police told the feelings of both rational problem solving, good talk time, not by extreme behavior.相关的主题文章: