"Desert heart" hair poster theme first screen "desert wilderness ice heart" issued pilot poster theme first wilderness screen entertainment news Guoneishoubu on ice Tencent wilderness survival movie theme "desert heart", recently the first pilot poster exposure, opened its mysterious veil. As the country’s largest circulation magazine "Chinese National Geographic" special edition recommended the film, a launch attracted much attention. The poster on the raging sandstorm swept from afar, the beautiful natural scenery of the geographical environment of transient, cruel tight broken for signs of danger appearing everywhere, revealing a shock hit, sparking a surge of adrenaline. The movie "desert heart" by Dingbian County in Shaanxi province Chiyue culture media limited liability company produced, from culture media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Beijing Yagu propaganda Culture Consulting Co. Ltd issued. Directed by Li Ke, geographic photographers Geng art as photography, color strength value actor Sui Yongliang, You Jingru, Xue Qi, starring Li Lei. "Speed and passion" combustion in the western desert staged brutal "desert lost heart" exposure of the pilot concept poster focusing on the vast desert, with dark yellow tone substrate, the prospect of split off-road racing "static", with the background of sandstorm raging hit "move" to form a strong contrast, the life in the West extreme desert cruel environment in front of powerlessness, expressed strong, give people a sense of oppression personally on the scene. The poster in the lie in front of the scrap SUV, appeared to imply that a thrilling chase just after the battle of desert. And the people inside the car is deep in the desert, life and death is unknown. The desert is one of the masterpiece of nature is mysterious and extraordinary as if done by the spirits, yearning, posters on the endless desert suffused with little gold, can not help but make people linger. However, as the poster in the distance from the sand piled up like a skeleton, and suddenly to the dust storms tend to devour all in a flash, and then the United States can only be prohibitive landscape. The film desert heart to cross-country racing story background, the pilot trailer is staged a desert version of speed and passion". The desert off-road racing adventure journey as the story line combustion speed film, racing in the desert winds, adventure and visual impact on the fierce collision, signs of danger appearing everywhere. The ultimate challenge of survival, love, wilderness, racing four themes, let people immersed in the mysterious beauty of natural scenery, but also can not help but sigh if the small and weak sense of a drop in the bucket. "Western desert" photographing a National Geographic special collection "desert heart" will be harsh geographical environment, the true love of life and death race game and accidentaly across three lines one, showing off real love, not a word of friendship, a stay away trip. Based on the work attitude of excellence, and to adhere to the quality of the film, the film director Li Kexie and the crew after 3 times, the total mileage of 12800 kilometers, across the autumn, winter and spring three season, drama will be the concept of wilderness survival through to the end. The country’s largest circulation magazine "China National Geographic" October 2016 Special Collector’s edition, a large number of realistic scenes based on the "desert heart" viewfinder Inner Mongolia Alashan Right Banner).相关的主题文章: