Zheng Junying former girlfriend was changed to deny its candid sex video of Zheng Junying Sina entertainment news South Korean singer Zheng Junying’s former girlfriend A published an open letter on the website of a day ago, to explain the sex video controversy recently, and caused so much controversy on the apology. A had previously reported to the police that Zheng Junying was not allowed to use the phone to shoot two people’s sex video. But in a police investigation after the investigation, the A of a sudden change and report to the police for withdrawal, but because of the crime does not belong to the crime of private prosecution in Korea, the police are still in accordance with legal steps the case will be transferred to the procuratorate. This is Zheng Junying held a press conference at the weekend, said the video is two people still in contact when they shot out of curiosity, when a A has been allowed, but after shooting immediately deleted video, Zheng Junying also said A a report because of misunderstanding between two people, he wants to take all I hope the public responsibility, don’t blame A, A said in an open letter, sex video video is not expected, but also has been completely removed. For their own report to the police and apply for revocation of the reasons for the report, A said he was a private affair with Zheng Junying two people, not convenient to disclose. A said that although she and Zheng Junying have split up, but still good friends, and Zheng Junying is a very kind man, I hope the majority of users believe that the. Finally, A also raised such a storm for their own apology. Lu Dong Yin text copyright Mydaily (reprinted ban: commissioning editor Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: