Wary of TV shopping "cash on delivery" hidden trick – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Chengdu October 9th news (reporter Yang Di) TV shopping "cash on delivery" "cod", even by criminals as bait to deceive consumers. Reporters from the Sichuan Consumer Protection Committee learned that in recent years the case gradually increased, the elderly consumers of this kind of remote mail order products should be especially cautious. Liangshan, Sichuan, a 82 year old consumer Lee, through TV shopping ads to buy a value of $6200 for the treatment of diabetes drugs. Cash on delivery, Lee found that the drug is not received, but health food, do not have therapeutic efficacy. Lee immediately and contact the operator consultation return unsuccessful, operators also claimed that if no effect can add money to the replacement of other goods, in such a manner as to deceive consumers continuously five times, a total amount of up to 11360 yuan to defraud. Finally, Lee can not be linked to the operator. Reporters learned that, due to the characteristics of the spread of TV shopping advertising, the impact on the elderly consumers are very direct. However, many elderly consumers due to credulity of cash on delivery, logistics payment collection and other commitments, while ignoring the inspection before payment. Sichuan Tianrunhuabang lawyer Feng Yong believes that when the goods delivered to the hands of consumers, delivery personnel will normally require the first payment, after opening". Many consumers are often out of the trust did, but once the commodity goods not board, it is difficult for consumers to protect their own interests, will be forced to accept. Feng Yong suggested that older consumers should not blindly believe in a verbal commitment to publicity materials and operators, to use the mail to buy products should be careful to verify the information and operator related products contact, to prevent loss of property.相关的主题文章: