Talk about the country full bodied Coach: too unlucky to give young people more opportunities [information] China home court 0-1 Syria Gu Chao attack errors gifts Adams handsome country foot on Guangzhou daily news (reporter Xie Zekai) yesterday, Guangzhou Fuli held an end of season fans open day in the University City training base, Cheng Yuelei, Lu Lin, Svensson, R & f the players one by one to meet the fans photo, signature requirements. The subsequent training course, fans are able to pass through the training room, to the field to watch the team training. The team training undefended, casual look, Guangzhou R & F in such a way as to attract more fans, create more local culture fans down to earth. Because the training base of the secondary field are being transformed, decimating the players only to the training. R & F Club vice chairman Huang Shenghua said that after the field has only one piece of 11 people will be extended to the field of the two and a field of 5 people in the field of a man. "We will look to the European top club hardware level. Over the past 5 years, we do not have a very stable, very complete base. Now we’re going to do it, and hopefully there will be more contact and interaction between the fans, the media, the first team, the reserves and the team. Everyone in the same site training, more orderly, more efficient." Huang Shenghua said. Training base began to rebuild, will strive to be completed in the middle of next year, R & F home Yuexiu stadium renovation has also been put on the agenda, the transformation of the planning drawings have been identified. Huang Shenghua said: "including the seat of the installation, the transformation of the fan area, VIP area and box transformation. The future will be combined with some high-tech means, want to give you a more comfortable viewing experience." In Stojkovic seems to upgrade the team’s hardware facilities, to provide a better environment for the growth of young players, which is part of the youth training. Last night about the national football competition, Stojkovic said: "I saw Chinese team, very unlucky, the result is not ideal. Just like the building wants to lay the foundation, the same is true of football. Young players are the future of China’s football, our responsibility and obligation is to create a better environment for them, so that they grow, and strive to make progress. Our strategy is to provide a better environment for young people, to provide better facilities to attract them to play football."相关的主题文章: