Buddha appeared in the Spurs training field for the new season to return to prepare in advance? Duncan appeared the Spurs training field sina sports news Beijing time on September 29th, according to the "Sanantonio express" news reports, the Spurs media day, boss Popovich revealed this summer announced his retirement Tim Duncan will return to the Spurs in the next season of work. As a result, Duncan came out today on the Spurs’ training ground and communicated with former team-mates. Today the Spurs after the training, the Spurs Mike reporter Geoff Donald wrote on twitter drying out a picture of Duncan on the training field and photo: "you know that he will not leave." In the photo, Duncan is wearing a gray sports T-shirt and is talking to a Spurs player. From the back, the Spurs players should be Australian defender Mills. In July this year, Duncan announced his retirement low-key, and ended up 19 years of legendary career, the decision Spurs fans feel heartache. But in the recent spurs media day, the team coach Popovich suddenly announced that Duncan will return to the Spurs next season as coach. "He wants to be a coach." Bo said at the time, and said that Duncan has not yet decided to work title. To the surprise of many, the Spurs’ training camp has just started, Duncan has come to the training ground and began to serve as a mentor for Spurs players. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: