Success I recently experienced something that absolutely floored me. I mean, really floored me. I will explain in a minute. As an entrepreneur by definition, I have always been subject to the what if I did this self talk. And that has led me to many invisible fortresses to overcome. Being mindful of my obligation to my family as head of the household, I venture forward with a hope and prayer that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Having the will to do something and actually doing it are the proverbial rock and hard-place I have found in myself that led me to swallow my pride and enroll in Breakthroughs to Success. What got me here is a series of cataclysmic events. Let me explain: I come from a manufacturing background in aerospace. That field can be very rewarding financially if you can put in enough hours of overtime. Since high school I had a tendency to be involved in other things besides the JOB to make a living. I loved the thought of using computers to go places I couldnt otherwise. Thinking I could develop an online business that would eventually allow me to quit my day job I educated myself in a lot of internet marketing techniques. Fast-forward 30 years. My body is worn out trying to be the best, fastest and most knowledgeable worker bee, which is my inherent trait. Ive endured several surgeries to repair the damage until one very limiting injury remains and the powers that be dont agree with the doctor. In the mean-time, I am suffering such pain that I am living on Motrin and have developed side affects from that. I have self respect for my health and wean myself from it and find I am having trouble sleeping, and therefore missing work. What good is a worker bee if the worker bee cant work? I was culled from the hive, so to speak. They call it termination, I call it liberation. I find I am struggling with myself on getting things accomplished. How can I earn a living from home when these blocks seem to keep hindering me? What is it and how can I get through it? There are some outstanding internet marketers that seem to be getting it done. What do they know? What can they tell me? I ask and receive. It is apparent that these individuals have at one time been through the Combs comb. They have been coached by Jeffery Combs, and I begin paying attention to that. I listen in on a webinar, attend a workshop. I find myself at Jefferys Breakthrough to Success 3 day event. This was the most mind-opening phenomenons I have witnessed in my 50 years. I discovered things from others about myself that have made me what I didnt want to be, do what I didnt want to do. Jeff has a way of drawing it out and addressing it. There was so much love at first that I thought this was weird and foreign not to mention very uncomfortable; I had intentions of packing up and leaving. THAT is one thing that has been affecting the way I do what I do. This floored me. If you are at odds with yourself and know it can bee better if only you could see clearly, get Jeff and Erica as a coach. You will NOT be the least bit sorry and perhaps even proud of yourself for taking action! Go now and sign up before you talk yourself out of it and keep doing what you always do, and getting what you always get. Go. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: