Business If you are reading this you might have just become a recruitment manager or that is part of your vision and goal in the next few years. So where do you start particularly if you have never managed a team before. On the surface it might look easy trust me it isn’t unless you develop some key skills. In recruitment we are pretty unique. There are not many industries where the ‘sales manager’ also has their own billings target. This is different in most recruitment companies I am aware of. So in addition to all the selling skills you need you will also want to develop some additional attributes and a broader a skill set that will mean you can deliver. 1.Focus As you are likely to be billing and managing this is a key area to develop. The truth is that no one has time to waste and as a manager that is definitely the case. The power of focus is vital. You need to know exactly what you should be doing well to leverage you time. Your team, no matter how experience they are will be looking to you for guidance on what activities they should focus on to produce results. You need to tell them what they are and then measure them on that KPI. 2.Leadership There is a different between managing and leading. In today’s world you need to exhibit both attributes. There will be times when your manager hat is required and times when you need to lead your team forward. The things is management as a process did not start until just over a 100 years ago and happened because of the industrial revolution when the process and tasks needed managing. In contrast leadership has been with us since time began. Though Moses did have a few up’s and downs he is considered one of the most well-known leaders in history. We get that he had a vision and he definitely took people with him. 3.Motivational Coaching This skill will serve you well all the days of your life. In business all of us need a helping hand sometimes and we also need a pat on the back no matter how good we think we are. Learning how to coach will help you enable your team members to deliver stellar results and at speed. Coaching enables you to give help, advice and feedback on the core skills you want your team to use. Do this regularly and you will notice that it works. 4.Performance Management This can be a tricky one for new recruitmnet managers who have had minimal recruitment training and the sooner you tackle it the better. Ideally if you have taken action on number 3 the need for this won’t be as great. It is about setting targets goals and activities that get measured consistently. This is generally where most performance issues start. People have either not been given the official do’s and don’ts or have them and yet no one has checked to see if they are happening. Make sure people no the rules and then measure against it and you will prevent many a performance issue before it ever gets started About the Author: 相关的主题文章: