Business Magenoto is a platform that forever changed e-retailing with its introduction of the first free open source ecommerce platform, the community edition, in mid-2007. In only three years’ time, variables to its products that are in keeping with the needs of web retailers have been sucessfully added by Magento by Varien This isn’t just based on Varien’s claims. Even Google Trends has tracked as Magento has continually gaining on eCommerce, outperforming traditional eCommerce as 2010 dawned. As of first quarter 2010, Magento officially became the most searched-for eCommerce solution in cyberspace. reported in April 2010 that the distinguishing factor making Magento preferable over any other ecommerce solution is that it is regularly being improved. Just last week Magento launched on-demand ecommerce using a code named Project Stratus. Beta testing begins in late October and will run through early 2011. This product provides a new alternative that is fully-hosted to web retailers and targets a mid-size to small business market. Stratus will empower merchants and developers to customize, modify, extend and integrate a hosted store as if it were their own code running on their own servers … an unprecedented capability in ecommerce. Stratus enhances the already broad ecommerce ecosystem in Magento web design and Magento web development. The entrepreneurial spirit with the vision of rapid scaling and the emerging business is exactly what it was designed to support. Magento ecommerce is best for ecommerce website needs because of the addition of Stratus to Magento’s Enterprise platform, Magento’s Professional Platform, Magento’s Mobile platform and Magneto’s Community platform. Mid and large-sized ecommerce retailers are likely interested in thee Professional and Enterprise versions of Magento. Professional requires an annual license of $3,500 and annual license fees for the Enterprise version are $13,000. Magento converts like Tool King in Denver, Colorado tout the virtues of making the switch to Magento in ROI. Two months into the conversion to a Magento-based ecommerce solution, Tool King was exceeding its historic online sales and had leased an additional 11,000-square-foot warehouse to stock inventory sold online. Effective Magento implementation is built on ecommerce-savvy design, thoughtful SEO pre-planning and rigorous respect of the core Magento product chosen. It’s recommended to discourage wholesale manipulation of Magento code because Magento updates and upgrades regularly in a streamlined fashion in the instance where the Magento web development company does not customize applications and or functionality of the software overly. Varien is differentiated from predecessors who hoped of capturing and retaining the ecommerce market by updates with this kind of regularity." offers details on the features and benefits of all five Magento products. Copyright (c) 2010 Janet Webb About the Author: 相关的主题文章: