SEO SEO search engine optimization is now widely known as the top marketing strategy used by almost all companies that are doing business over the internet. There are several techniques that SEO experts can employ to boost a website’s page ranking in search engine results, and it really is important to be familiar with them especially if you want long-term visibility and a constant stream of web traffic. Experts classify SEO methods into two categories. Methods that are acceptable to search engine standards are called white-hat techniques, while the unacceptable practices are called black-hat techniques. When hiring an SEO professional, it might be a good idea to do some research on the methods that are going to be used before the contract is signed. This will allow you to decide whether the deal is worth the investment that you are going to make. Remember that a consultant who uses black-hat techniques can cause your company or website to be banned from search engine indexes, thereby losing sales and profits in the process. Keyword overloading is a black hat technique that shady SEO specialists use to try to cheat search engines into giving a higher page ranking to a certain website. Articles, blogs, and other written materials are pumped full of keywords, making them barely readable to anyone who comes across them. Remember that SEO search engine optimization focuses on relevant keywords that are sprinkled in highly informational content found in websites and other platforms. Competent SEO professionals know exactly how to strategically place keywords in high quality write-ups and still obtain a high ranking in search results without resorting to keyword overloading. Another black-hat technique you should be aware of is placing invisible text in web pages to draw search engine spiders and give the page higher priority in search engine indexes. A good example of this technique is placing keywords in certain areas of a webpage whose colors match the page’s background. This is considered unethical by search engine administrators and can certainly lead to being blacklisted from search engine indexes altogether. A lot of companies have experienced being banned from search engine indexes because of this practice. As much as possible, try to be involved in creating or improving your webpage to make sure that the SEO consultant you’re planning to hire does not resort to these types of methods. To eliminate any doubt in your mind about the credibility of an SEO specialist, ask for a portfolio of recently completed projects or simply read through the reviews left by their clients. A good SEO search engine optimization specialist will also present you with a comprehensive marketing strategy that will enumerate the steps they are going to take to increase web traffic and generate more leads which can be converted into future sales. A competent SEO professional should also be able to consult with you on a regular basis to review progress and make necessary adjustments in case an aspect in the marketing plan is not effective in helping the business establish a good reputation and a wide customer base. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: