Divors Getting a divorce is rarely a do-it-yourself endeavor. Ending your marriage is a legal process far more complicated than getting married in the first place, and it is very important that you are fully aware of your legal rights and obligations before you begin the process. An experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney can represent your interests during the divorce and can help make sure that the divorce goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. There are many reasons why hiring a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney is a smart decision when you are contemplating the end of your marriage. Just a few reasons why you need legal representation include these three reasons listed below. 1) A divorce attorney helps ensure you get your fair share of marital assets When you are married, you and your spouse likely acquire shared property and contribute to each other’s financial lives. When you put an end to your marriage, you are entitled to your share of any property that you acquired together and that you contributed to acquiring or paying for over the course of your marriage. It is important to understand Florida laws for property division in order to know what you are entitled to, and an experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney can help. You should never assume that you do not have the right to property simply because your spouse earned more (or even if you never worked at all). Instead, get legal help so you know what is yours. 2) A divorce attorney helps you to get shared custody of your kids When you divorce, you are encouraged to come up with a custody arrangement on your own so that your family life suffers the minimal amount of disruption and so your children are cared for in the best way possible. An experienced divorce attorney can help you to resolve issues of custody in light of what is best for the child. Your attorney will assist you in resolving these issues out of court, or in litigating in court to prove to the judge why you are entitled to the custody arrangement you are seeking. 3) A divorce attorney helps you to ensure all issues are resolved Many issues may be forgotten if you try to resolve your divorce on your own. For instance, you may neglect to deal with sharing of retirement plans, which must be handled through a qualified domestic relations order (QRDO). You may also fail to properly address your shared debt, leaving yourself vulnerable to damaged credit if your spouse does not pay the bills you expected him or her to take care of. A divorce attorney understands the types of issues that need to be addressed in a divorce and ensures that they are all taken care of in your divorce settlement so there are no surprises later. These are just a few of the many reasons why getting legal help is the right thing to do when you are ending your marriage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: