Investing If you desire to watch your money growing on the land of fertile investments, there is no better choice than guaranteed investments Canada. These investments offer guarantee of principal security, risk control and better capital appreciation for your future. Different individuals, especially those planning their post retirement period, can extract benefits out of these investments. By allowing the investors to invest their money for specific period of time and access interests earned on maturity of the term, guaranteed investments Canada have become dependable options for letting the money to grow. These investments offer benefits equivalent to options like buying investment property or making investment in rental property. Two Types Of Investments For guaranteed investments Canada, options are available in two forms. First are redeemable investments, which allow the investors to access their money at any point of time within the investment term. On the contrary, non-redeemable investments lock in your invested money for the whole term and you cant access it before the maturity of investment term. Decide Your Own Interest rates Guaranteed investments Canada allows you to set your own interest rate, by allowing you to choose amongst fixed rate, market-linked rate or interest-rate linked. In case of fixed rate, the invested money grows at a consistent rate throughout the investment term. However, in case of market-linked interest rate, the stock market fluctuations decide the rate incurred on these investments. Finally, in case of interest-rate linked, money grows at a rate decided by the prime interest rate offered by RBC Royal Bank. Out of these three, you can expect higher profits with interest-rate linked options. What Makes These Investments Popular Guaranteed investments Canada options are popular amongst people across the nation, as they offer more advantages than mutual funds or any other popular option. First of all, there is security of investment money or principal throughout the investment term. Secondly, the alluring aspect of these investments is that excellent interest rates are offered by them. Thirdly, the investors can take the advantage of its flexibility in accessing money accumulated within the term. Also, the investors planning for their retirements can associate these investments with registered retirement saving plans to enjoy the benefits like tax-deferment. For most beneficial investment products, you are required to purchase them from right source like Concrete Equities. The company, which is one of the real estate investment firms, accumulates the most genuine investment products under one roof, so that potential investors can compare them and make a worthy selection for their needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: