Benefit Your Career With An Information Systems Degree Posted By: Johney Maron Information systems professionals are qualified for a number of different careers. Information technology has a very broad career path. With an information systems degree you qualify for almost any technical position ranging from network specialist to hardware or software engineer. Let’s talk about a few different jobs that an information systems degree will help you qualify to pursue. A network specialist or administrator is one of the most key positions in any business. Network administrators are in charge of network security, maintenance, and management. These professional most often have to be a jack of all trades. They have to be hardware specialists, software specialists, and know the inner workings of computer networks. They employ problem solving skills to troubleshoot issues and communication skills to be able to help the members of an organization accomplish their goals through the use of computer networks. Technical analyst is another field where your information systems degree will provide with you with the skills you need to build a successful career. A technical analyst is usually charged with gathering customer requirements and writing technical specifications that will help to communicate business objectives into technical directions for other information technology personnel to follow.information technology degree information systems degrees MIS degree degree programs adult degree program colorado continuing education adult undergra information technology degree Getting A Human Resources Degree Puts You In The Center Of The Action Posted By: Johney Maron Whether you work for a big company or a small one, Human Resources is a department everyone is familiar with. Need to fill out paperwork? Head to HR. Wondering when the new programmer is going to start? HR knows. Want to add a dependent to your insurance policy? You know the drill. So you realize how important the HR department is, but do you know what having a human resources degree means or the types of jobs that are available? Unlike having a business administration degree, which is all about managing customers, sales and making money, having an Organizational Management in Human Resources degree is all about the company and the people that make it up. Human Resources is where you go for corporate policy which includes all areas of corporate ethics and morals. Human resources plays a vital role in legal matters within the corporate world. This means whether there is an internal issue like sexual harassment or discrimination, or an external legal issue pertaining to the corporate structure, Human Resources is the department that will take care of the problem. Each part of a company is important.human resources degree human resources bachelor degree programs colorado continuing education adult degree program adult undergraduate programs human resources degree 相关的主题文章: